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flying after 8 week vaccinations?

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nk1605 Wed 29-Apr-15 12:21:41

dp and i are trying to plan a weekend trip to see his family next month, which will include a short flight. thing is, dd is due her 8 week vaccinations 2 days before we were hoping to go. would it be wise to postpone our trip in case she is unwell after them?

Latium123 Fri 01-May-15 19:50:17

I guess you will not know how your baby will react to the vaccinations until after she has had them. All babies react differently. As far as I understand it most have only mild symptoms on the day of the immunisations. It is unusual for them to have a bad reaction although it can happen. Some can have a mild fever and / or a local reaction - lump / redness at the site of the injection.

Mine had only a bit of grumpiness and a local reaction of a sore leg on the day. I would have been absolutely fine to go on a flight a couple of days after. I think it would be unusual for a baby to have such a bad reaction that they are unwell two days later but there may be someone who will tell you otherwise.

geekymommy Mon 04-May-15 17:12:14

We took a long flight a day or two after DD had her two month shots. It went fine. She was fussy immediately after the shots, but that cleared up by the next day.

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