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Tommee Tippee and MAM anti colic bottles

(8 Posts)
mountainofdreams Tue 28-Apr-15 15:41:33

Hi Ladies

I'm pg with dc one and planning on bf.
However I want to buy some bottles in case that doesn't work out.
I've just seen that there will be a major offer on packs of both of these bottles, should I just buy both and chace it?
Anyone have experience of these brands?

BigSmilesCheesyPie Tue 28-Apr-15 19:54:36

Tommee Tippee get on my nerves, some people love them (as may you...) but I don't use a bottle warmer and would sometimes be trying to cool down (or heat) up a feed, they are fat and it seems to take longer for the temperature to change. They also don't fit in bags and things so easily. Because they are shorter you also can't balance them under you chin if you need to move about when feeding.

Mams are nice but the ones where the bottom comes off get fiddly after a while.

I got some NUKs on offer, probably my favorites yet as they seemed to have really good air flow and that made DS2 cry less and settle better.

At times I have had a couple of brands on the go at once so you could always get small packs of both?

Daisychainz01 Tue 28-Apr-15 20:23:10

I use lansinoh bottles. I read a lot of reviews on them before buying them and everyone seemed to love them. I stopped breastfeeding when DD was 2 weeks but fed DD expressed breastmilk from a bottle for a few days in effort to try and continue breastfeeding and she went back and forth between bottle and breast no problem.

mountainofdreams Tue 28-Apr-15 21:19:21

Thanks ladies, I think I will hold off and by nuk and dr brown instead.
Also Daisy those Lansinoh sound great!

lexyloub Tue 28-Apr-15 21:34:01

Each baby is different I swore by avent with my 1st 2 dc however they don't suit dc3 he spits alot back out despite me spending a fortune on different teats. The MAM ones are much better for him he hardly spits anything back at all. I was never a fan of tommee tippee either I always felt they leaked alot. Maybe buy 1 of each brand and see what works best for your baby then buy in bulk.

lexyloub Tue 28-Apr-15 21:35:36

Also where have you saw the MAM bottles on offer I need to buy more?

knittingbee Thu 30-Apr-15 20:13:03

Tommee Tippee suited DC1 really well. DC2 was a bottle refuser but once I went back to work at 9 months, had no option but to accept a Tommee Tippee.

TBH though I'd say don't bother buying bottles at all if you're planning to BF. These offers are on all the time and the Internet can provide them once you need them. I've just binned a load of brand-new newborn teats I bought for DC2 and never used. Waste of money!

Roseybee10 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:17:09

I've tommee tippee ones terrible for wind with both babies.
I've changed my dd to mam anti colic at sbout 8 weeks and noticed a massive difference straight away. She stopped gulping air and the teat shape meant she had a better seal.
I don't find them fiddly at all and they self sterilise so you don't need to buy a steriliser b

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