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What's the cutest thing your ds/dd does?

(11 Posts)
wobblyknicks Thu 29-Apr-04 10:01:05

Sorry for being really self-indulgent but had to post about this! I've always listened to music a lot and usually have some on while I'm doing something else, like clearing up, getting ready to go out, or being on MN. And, like a lot of people, I'm guilty of dancing to it at times. <<<blushes>>>. Then when dd was about 4 months she seemed to love me doing it (well she had fun laughing at me anyway) so I did it for her even more.

Then I put some music on this morning and she stood up at the bars of her playpen and started dancing too (well throwing herself from side to side)!!! It's soooo cute. Sorry for going on about it but apart from when she started smiling at me I think its the cutest thing she's done so far - awwwww!!

Anyway, what's the cutest thing yours do?

collision Thu 29-Apr-04 10:06:06

Im 11 weeks PG and ds who is 2 yrs old, lifts up my top and puts his lips on my tummy and says 'Ello baby!!' SO CUTE!!

I also had some blood taken this morning and he was very worried for me and flung his arms round me and kissed me all over to make me better!!

I'll stop there as I could go on and on and that would bore everyone but he has started translating English words into Italian words which I am very proud of......his Italian is better than mine!!

Twinkie Thu 29-Apr-04 10:08:21

DD tells me she is going to miss me when she goes into school - sh eis there for a whoel 2.5 hours each afternoon!!

She also tells me I am beautiful everyday and always says ooohhhh mummy I do like your skirt or your tigts (She loves tights) - she makes me feel as lovely as I hope I make her feel.

wobblyknicks Thu 29-Apr-04 10:08:26

Awww, collision that's lovely!!!

wobblyknicks Thu 29-Apr-04 10:09:37

Twinkie - that's sooo sweet!! I'm a really bad one for thinking kids are sweet, practically anything gets me!!

Twinkie Thu 29-Apr-04 10:09:53

Oh and was sooo proud the other day when she started singing to the background music in the supermarket - to hear my 3 year old sing a dido song word perfect was funny and touching - I then asked her what other songs she knew and she sang the Hail Mary and another prayer at the top of her lungs!! (She is really into this Catholic School thing!!)

Northerner Thu 29-Apr-04 10:11:41

Ds is just 2 and each morning when he wakes up I hear him saying 'Hiya Bunny, I wuv you Bunny'

So sweet!

Hulababy Thu 29-Apr-04 10:14:44

At the moment it is telling me and her daddy "I love you mummy/daddy" all the time, followed by a big hug round our legs. She has started telling us she loves Baby Anabel, naan, grandad, etc. this past 2 weeks too. And when leaving the house each morning she always gives her daddy a kiss and a hug, but now insists that I give him one too, and a family one I think she has been watching too much Barney

bluestar Thu 29-Apr-04 13:18:05

My ds says "mummy, you're my best friend in the whole world"

Thomcat Thu 29-Apr-04 13:35:13

Well she's only 2 but the cutest thing she does is when D puts her into bed with me in the morning when he's getting showered, she pulls herself along on the duvet over to me, pulls herself up and leans over and kisses me on my face every morning. If my back is to her she pulls herself right up (bearing in mind she can't walk or stand etc yet) and makes sure she gets my face. This morning the duvet was over my head and she was struggling to pull it down with one little arm whilst leaning on my head neck, sort of semi standing over me so she could get her kiss.

She also engages the whole room when she's singing / signing. She'll look round and catch everyones eye to make sure they are joining in and having fun.

The way she says Mammmeeeee

the way that she always hugs and kisses her little gingerbread men biscuits before and during the eating process!

The way that when I go into pick her up after work she scrams, throws her hnds up in the air, puts her head between her legs, comes back up with both hands over mouth and then says mammmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

The way she points to the door, look as me and says daddeeeee when she hears his key in the door.

The way she cocks her head and says 'alloooo' when the phone rings. The way she pretands to be on the phone and throws her head back laughing when she's 'on the phone'!!

the way when i say'is that good?', she gives her head one huge nod, says good, and her lips her all pursed and gives the the thumbs up sign with her absolutley tiny little thumb!!!

Sorry, I'm getting boring now and will stop as could go on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, thinking about all her cute ways has made me want to cry with the loveliness of it all and run home and be with her.

nightowl Fri 30-Apr-04 01:21:13

The way dd (3 months) laughs at me. She grins, throws her head back and opens her mouth wide but no sound ever comes out!

When ds cuddles up to me and says that im not to worry because he'll always look after me and never move out and that im the best mommy in the world awwww!

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