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Rash - Help!

(2 Posts)
Katekoom Sun 15-Feb-15 19:12:50

Im winding myself up and need help.
Little one (5weeks) was very fussy yesterday (overtired) and whilst feeding i noticef she was really hot. She had a red blotchy rash on the back of her neck/lower scalp. I took a layer off and the rash seemed to calm. It doesnt look too much like heat rash. Today ive been really aware of her temperature and her neck has seemed quite hot - though she's not had an actual temperature and doesnt seem unhappy. This evening she is fussy (but thats not unusual) wanting to feed all the time. The heat and her rash seem to worsen and improve hour by hour.
Should i be doing something? Or not fretting?
I have a drs appointment booked for her on Wednesday anyway.
Help this paranoid mummy!!

mrsmacguffin Sun 15-Feb-15 20:00:34

I was super paranoid about my little man in the early weeks! I think the rash is probably normal as they often get them around that age but I called the NHS helpline 111 and talked through it and they were very reassuring. In hindsight it wasn't necessary to call but it helped calm me then as I worried about the slightest thing and would rather be safe than sorry!

Don't be afraid to contact your health visitors either with any questions you have. It's scary becoming a mum for the first time but it's so amazing too!

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