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Kari me vs money wrap

(6 Posts)
Naomip88 Sun 15-Feb-15 01:07:34

hello!!i want to buy a sling for my two week old dd .
My mum generously bought us an ergo baby but I think a sling would be great for at home when she doesn't want to be put down and I need free hands! I've narrowed it down to these two because I've been nosy and asked lots of people I see out with them if they'd recommend them and they got lots of praise but I can't pick! Unfortunately we can't make it your next sling library and I don't want to wait any longer. Does anyone have any good or bad feedback about either or preferably both of these slings?

AllYourBase Sun 15-Feb-15 01:14:53

we had a kari me, and it was fantastic, really good. It took a little while to get good at tying, but there's videos and things you can use to help you. I used it on my baby, and on my 3yo (at the time).
Sorry, but I've not heard of a money wrap.

Naomip88 Sun 15-Feb-15 01:20:01

Oops I meant moby!

JellyTipisthebest Sun 15-Feb-15 03:05:36

They are more or less the same. Looking at them the only difference seams to be oby is 100% cotton the Karri me is only 95% might be important if its hot. The moby suggests its longer which might be important if you are larger than average. I have a 100% cotton stretch wrap that I bought here I am not in the uk. It doesn't look any different and feel different from my friends Karri me in the Uk. As they looks the same price, I didn't look at the postage I would go for the colour you like. There are lots of ways the put them on if you you tube stretchy wrap.

Pinksun12 Sun 15-Feb-15 03:41:07

I preferred the moby as it was less stretchy than the kari me. In the Kari me baby was down to my knees after a while.

TwoLittleTerrors Sun 15-Feb-15 04:16:04

I had a mobu and i used it for two babies. Definitely doesn't have the down to knee problem.

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