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I can't leave my 8month old

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Jenny1231990 Fri 13-Feb-15 10:19:55

Hi all, I have a 6year old, 8month old and I'm 27weeks pregnant.
We finally fell pregnant with our daughter after 2 years of trying. Anyway she is here now and she is amazing, I just can't seem to let go, I've had numerous offers off my sister to have her over night, but I just don't want too. Not because I fear for her safety or anything. I just can't, I don't know why.
I think if I'm home anyway she might as well be here.
She is always with either me, daddy or both of us and her big brother.
I have breaks and so does her daddy.
She is quite clingy, looks for us if we leave the room, my sister keeps making comments about having to leave her and just won't take the hint that I don't feel ready some times she will ask and ask and ask, I have to change the subject, she will say that my daughter will have to go to hers while I have baby number 3, I feel like sometimes she is offended by it. But we don't see her from one week to the next, my daughter seems to forget who she is.
I've decided on a home birth as my labour with my daughter was very quick, I was told it would be even faster this time around.
Is there something wrong with me or am I being mean.
It's not like I keep my children away, I go to my mums most days, that's the Hub everyone goes too. I don't hear off her unless we bump into each other there, I am tired now, I'm heavy and nearly in the last stage of pregnancy, I know people mean well, what can I say without coming across like a cow bag.

flanjabelle Fri 13-Feb-15 10:22:12

You are heavily pregnant. Say whatever the hell you like and blame it on the hormones. You don't have to be away from your baby girl, they can fuck right off to the far side of fuck.

MangosMangosMangos Fri 13-Feb-15 10:44:45

I would be the same tbh, my youngest DC is 7 months old and my parents have offered that they will have him to stay when I am ready...and I'm nowhere near ready and I'm not pg and they do know him really well. They are not going on about it, they just wanted me to know that the offer is there.

Does your sister have children?

By the time I am 8 months pg I don't have the energy to do anything that doesn't have to be done, so packing an overnight bag and instructions for a baby would be a pita imo!

butterfly86 Fri 13-Feb-15 12:53:30

My dd is almost 8 months and I'm not ready to let her stay out overnight, she still sleeps in our room in her own cot though and she sleeps 7 til 7 I just like her there beside us. She is always with me or daddy or if I have to go somewhere gp look after her but only for a couple of hours. I'm dreading going back to work soon sad if you don't feel comfortable with her staying out then don't let anyone push you there's plenty of time when she's older.

Jenny1231990 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:00:06

Hahaha that made me laugh, I will do. Damn hormones.
Yes she has a 3 year old who she struggles with herself, that's why I can't understand the need to have my little girl, especially over night.
It's nice you know the offer is there and your family don't keep on, my other sister has said if we ever wanted to go for a meal then she would come here while we were out which is a lovely offer cos it's only an hour or so and she's in her own surroundings, haven't taken her up on it, yet. She doesn't keep on either.
I won't be forced into it, it's never an offer for an hour it's always over night.
I just feel like I'm being I ungrateful and that's the last thing I want to come across as, I'm just not ready

Jenny1231990 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:04:46

Thank you butterfly, she's only been in her own room a couple of months, I even struggled with that. I cried most of the night, she was steps away. Hahaha. Daft I know.
I think falling pregnant so fast after her is such a shock but a blessing, I felt very guilty for a long time.
I'm the same as you, if I go somewhere without her, she's with daddy. My mum doesn't offer to have her to be honest. She is difficult to get around if she is in a grump ha x

rosedavo Tue 17-Feb-15 09:43:53

Im 22 weeks pregnant with my first and my MIL has already told me (not asked) that she will be having baby once a week over night as soon as possible, and she smokes like a chimney! I can just see arguments errupting with her and my husband about it as i just dont feel comfortable with the whole thing. Surely if u plan on breast feeding then it cant be done untill u wean them anyway?

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