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Why is 7-year-old DD suddenly acting like a hideous teenager? Please help!

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intothenevernever Thu 12-Feb-15 04:07:50

DD has always had her moments in terms of being moody/ emotional. But suddenly she is acting like a bad caricature of Kevin the Teenager! Everything seems to be going OK though she has just started a new year at school (we are not in the UK). She is good at school work and has a circle of friends who are nice kids.


desertgirl Thu 12-Feb-15 04:31:58

I don't know but I feel your pain... do you get the teenage 'attitude' when asked to do anything as well?

intothenevernever Thu 12-Feb-15 05:29:57

Yes, but it's not only that, even attempting to make conversation is met with huffing, stropping and snapping! God I hope this is a phase, and a really short one...

littlejessie Thu 12-Feb-15 05:33:10

My 7 yo dd is very influenced by what she sees on tv and by how she perceives older girls. She is fascinated by teenagers and can't wait to be one :/! My bet is that she's emulating.

Cedar03 Thu 12-Feb-15 13:11:35

Sounds like my 7 year old. I've had huffing, sighing, waving her fingers in my face, arguing, answering back.
I don't care where it comes from I've had a chat to her about how sad it makes me feel and how I don't want to hear her talking like that as we don't talk to her like that.
I've made her leave the room and there have been punishments for her really rude moments. I also try hard to praise her for the good behaviour and to say to her "isn't it nice when I don't have to shout at you"
She has been better the last few days it does seem to come in phases.
(Have to say I'm not looking forward to the teen years with this going on!)

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