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The dreaded onset of nursery germs

(20 Posts)
Joneseygirl77 Wed 11-Feb-15 09:59:45

Please can someone tell me how long it takes for DCs to build some immunity to bugs? My DD started in nursery at end of Nov and we seem to be caught in a constant cycle of illness at the moment. We have one week off and then three weeks on and she has already missed 5 days. Is this normal and when will it get better?

HoggleHoggle Wed 11-Feb-15 10:03:30

Sorry similar here. He only does one day a week, tends to get something on that one day so he's still ill the following week, misses his nursery day that week, repeat until the end of time...

Our nursery told us it would take the first year until they start to not catch everything. I think it's even harder when you're starting in the winter season as we have, there's so much more about.

Then again it's not just nursery. Ds tends to get vile bugs from things like soft play too.

TheYellowCat Wed 11-Feb-15 10:10:20

My DS started nursery in November and so far has had:

Bronchiolitis x 2
Vomiting bug x 2
Ear infection
And a permanent cold

Both me and DH have taken 4 days off each. I have no annual leave left till April now so hopefully no more illness!

But my heart sank when I dropped him off on Friday and there was a note on the door saying they'd had 2 cases of chicken pox sad

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 11-Feb-15 10:15:55

It does get better, my DS started nursery aged 9 months and that first winter was grim, but it all eased off come spring and was never as bad again. DD was a bit similar two years later. It stood them in good stead, they're 9 and 11 now and frequently go a whole school year without any sickness at all, maybe a day a year on average each.

HoggleHoggle Wed 11-Feb-15 11:11:21

That's good to know whoknows. Could really do without another winter like this!

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 11-Feb-15 11:16:09

It's awful isn't it? I kept catching bugs off DS too and being off sick myself, my boss had HR on his case. By the time DD was born we were much smarter about disinfecting everything, separate towels etc as soon as anyone was ill and it didn't go round all of us any more.

Joneseygirl77 Wed 11-Feb-15 11:48:37

Glad to hear it gets better. We're only doing 3 days at the moment and have only managed two full weeks so far! Not sure how we'll fair when she's doing 5! I can see my annual leave disappearing when I'm back to work in March. Glad to hear next winter will be better. Sure it's - mix of bugs and molars erupting though.

HoggleHoggle Wed 11-Feb-15 11:53:06

We've just had molars here, couldn't believe how ill they made him! Awful. Hope your dd feels better soon.

mrsmugoo Wed 11-Feb-15 12:13:08

Mine started in November 2 days a week and has only just had a cold/cough free fortnight

goldeline Wed 11-Feb-15 13:04:02

Mine started in August and I don't think it's really got any better, we've just got used to it. Just got over round two of conjunctivitis and still battling a cold that he's passed on to both of us, yay!

Mrscog Wed 11-Feb-15 13:18:01

When my DS started nursery, we had essentially 8 weeks of solid illness - one after another with 2-3 days respite in between. However since then (that's 2 years) he's only had 1 vomiting bug and 1 cold which was severe enough to warrant him being off. So it does get better!

Joneseygirl77 Wed 11-Feb-15 13:37:09

Hoggle talk to me about molars... What symptoms did your lo have? We've got a high temp here and chomping on everything.

juneau Wed 11-Feb-15 13:41:29

The first winter is the worst, that I can tell you. After this one you should find that the bugs are regular, but not constant. They never stop completely, but by the time they start school they should have a pretty good immune system, especially if they're been in nursery for a couple (or more) years. Until then you just have to grit your teeth and plough on through!

HoggleHoggle Wed 11-Feb-15 19:24:58

jonesey definitely yes to chomping! He also got red cheeks one day which he never usually does, but it has really affected him this time, those molars are meaty!

He also got very upset when I was brushing his teeth, I could tell he wasn't just having a fuss, his gums hurt.

He had a decreasing appetite for a good fortnight and for a week of that ate hardly a thing! I think all in all his poor mouth was just very sore.

Oh yes, and he's been a grumpy so and so since the new year! The illnesses obviously haven't helped but now the molars have cut through, he's so much happier.

Joneseygirl77 Wed 11-Feb-15 20:16:43

Yes we've got the rosy cheeks here and chomping on one side a lot! She won't open her mouth for me to have a look though- did catch a quick glimpse yesterday and could see the dreaded white underneath the gums though. I have been putting anbesol on at night though and can't feel that any have cut so guess we've got a few more weeks of it sad

It's hard to know where the teething starts and the virus stops though- oh and combined with wonder week 7...what do they say about things coming in threes!

Sounds like we're all in the same boat regarding nursery though and it will get better. Roll on spring!

BlinkAndMiss Wed 11-Feb-15 22:30:50

Going though the same here, I posted a thread the other night because I'm so worried about DS's health. But, it does appear to be normal and just one of those things. I think we may be getting molars too. Here's to a healthy next few weeks, my boss is not overly happy with my frequent absences because of DS's lack of immunity but nothing I can do.

Teanbiscuitsallround Thu 12-Feb-15 00:02:24

Nurseries will always be a breeding ground for germs as so many children together. However, Nurseries play an integral role in the limitation / management of Infection control. I have experience of this as it's my field- I go into many Nurseries each week as part of my job.
Nurseries should have adequate ventilation ( even in winter) , children should be taken outside daily and also all polices and procedures should be adhered to, such as the no shoe policy before entering the baby room and the sanitising of hands. The room shouldn't be stuffy or smelly and toys and equipment must be cleaned regularly by staff.

Really hope that all your little ones get better. Sorry if I was ranting on a bit.

It will get easier as they get older.

KatyN Thu 12-Feb-15 08:48:59

it definietely gets better but also as they get older (and kener to go) they will go with a slight cold. My 3 yr old ran out of the door this morning despite a body shaking cough which I would have kept him home with a year ago.
Does your work not provide carers days? I thought it was a legal requirement to allow you to have some days off when a dependent needed you? My place give you a working week (so I get three days a year). My husb's work is less specific but he's claimed carers days already too.


WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Thu 12-Feb-15 08:59:17

We were allowed emergency dependent's leave for a couple of days, but obviously it was unpaid and when you are both equal earners and you are paying childcare for 2 DCs on the back of having just had two maternity leaves in three years it made a big hit on finances (wasn't so bad for DC1). We mainly managed on annual leave and grandparent help though, I realise we were very fortunate with the GPs. Also by the time DC2 came along I had a very unsympathetic boss who use to make very pointed comments about anyone needing time off for anything child-related.

Joneseygirl77 Thu 12-Feb-15 11:16:10

Tean can you elaborate on the no shoe policy a bit more? I've noticed the nursery staff wear slippers in the baby room but parents aren't asked to remove shoes when dropping off/collecting. I often go onto the carpeted areas with my shoes on.

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