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Constant bugs and illnesses in 2yo

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BlinkAndMiss Tue 10-Feb-15 22:35:28

I feel a bit silly posting this, as I know little ones catch everything. But, my 2 yo seems to be ill every month and it's starting to worry me. It started out with tonsillitis last April, which has returned 4 times since, at Xmas he caught an awful 'virus' that had symptoms of a cold with vomiting and a very high temperature for about 2 weeks. Straight afterwards he got tonsillitis again. Then he got a cold, his temperature returned and then he had about 4 days of being ok. Today he's started with a bad cold again and he's coughing,which is usually how his tonsillitis starts.

He just never seems well, he doesn't eat well at the best of times but I can get him to eat some veg and he does like fish, he loves grapes and apples. He has 3 cups of cows milk a day and I've started putting his vitamins in the milk (refuses to take either the liquid or the tablet versions - even though I tell him they are sweets).

It's starting to interfere with 'normal' life which is why I'm beginning to be concerned. For instance, he loves swimming and we go to a class. He's only been able to go twice since Xmas and both times he wasn't that well. Everyone comments on how he's 'ill again' and when I leave him with my parents while I'm at work it's like I just drop him off with the Calpol and ibuprofen instructions. Our weekends revolve around not wearing him out and he even knows how to use the thermometer himself (stupid, fancy expensive one I ended up with after the virus at Xmas). He's been on antibiotics for each bout of tonsillitis too which isn't great at his age.

Is this normal? He goes to a preschool once a week and to a childminder once a week where he mixes with other children. But is it normal to be ill so frequently or should I be pushing the GP for some tests? They make me feel like I'm paranoid everytime I have to take him in.

He's my PFB so prepared to be told I'm being ridiculous smile.

LittleLionMansMummy Wed 11-Feb-15 09:53:32

I remember thinking exactly the same with my ds! It was always something and at one stage he had a night time cough that lasted so long i wondered if he was actually asthmatic. He too suffers with tonsillitis but has only needed antibiotics once. It might be worth raising the recurring bouts with your GP - if nothing else than to register how many times he's getting it in case he needs his tonsils removed in the future. If you're really concerned about frequent illness than again I would say raise it with your GP as although I'm sure it's normal, very rarely there are underlying causes.

On the plus side, all the illness is them building up immunity. Ds is rarely ill now - even occasional coughs and colds don't bother him like they used to. And while when he does get ill he goes downhill quickly, he bounces back literally overnight.

BlinkAndMiss Wed 11-Feb-15 22:24:53

Thank you for the reply, it's reassuring that others have been through similar as sometimes I sit there wondering if I'm doing something very wrong :/. DS is full of cold today but he also seemed full of beans so I've just done exactly what we'd planned to do today instead of cancelling. He's still choked up and coughing but no worse than last night, so I don't think it's done him any harm. Maybe I'm a bit too over protective when it comes to little illnesses, everything just feels so huge especially at 3am.

I go to the dr everytime I suspect something is wrong, last time they said he had to have bacterial tonsillitis 5 times in one year with frequent bouts in the year before. So I'm making sure everything is recorded just incase we get to that point. I glad your DS has built up his immunity now, I'm hoping the same happens with my DS smile.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Wed 11-Feb-15 23:08:14

The winter of 2yrs was horrendous with DD1. No antibios that I recall but she coughed, sneezed and expelled mucus for 6 solid months. DH waned her allergy tested and was positive that she was allergic to everything as it simply couldn't be possible to have illnesses for so long. Helped by MIL obviously who claims they never had a sick day...
Dd2 is 2 and it's not quite so bad but she got a lot of stuff earlier courtesy of big sis.

Vitamin D and outdoor time I think helps.
Not keeping his room too warm too.
We make them eat a fair amount of fresh fruit and veg which helps I think

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