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how can I convince my ds to sleep in a hotel bed rather than a cot

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kate1516 Mon 09-Feb-15 15:37:39

Going to a wedding in 3 months. My ds will be just two so the hotel say he needs a bed not a cot. To be honest he will be too big for the travel cot but just had not thought about it. Do you think my best bet is to try and transition him to a big bed at home now or just hope it works in the hotel.

As background my d's has never ever settled in bed with us. He is too active so am expecting the move to a big bed to be tricky. He wriggles all night.

superzero Mon 09-Feb-15 15:42:03

I'd insist on the cot! A 2 year old fits in a travel cot.Ring the hotel back.
If you have to settle them in a bed the best way is for you to lie down with them until they go to sleep and pad them up with cushions so they don't fall out.

Thurlow Mon 09-Feb-15 15:46:38

I'd insist on the cot too. Or take your own (or borrow one from a friend)

DD has barely got out of the travel cot at 3 even though, when stretched, her feet were pushing out the end! He might be a bit long for it but if he wants sides then he'll be much happier slightly squished into a travel cot that's a little on the small side than in a big bed where he'll fall out. If he's not ready to transition into a big bed at home I wouldn't risk ruining a good sleeper by forcing the issue just for one night in a hotel room/

However you could always try the bed at home for a few nights but if he's a wriggler it's probably not the best idea.

OldBeanbagz Mon 09-Feb-15 15:51:58

I assume he's in the same room as you?

In which case i'd either tell him that the hotel doesn't have a cot and that he's got to be a big boy and sleep in a bed OR let him fall asleep next to you in the double bed and move him when he's asleep (and tuck him in tight). Put pillows on the floor in case he falls out in he night.

We took DS on holiday when he was 20mths old and he didn't have a cot for the whole of the 2 weeks (we were travelling around). When we got back he point blank refused to go back in his cot.

kaymondo Mon 09-Feb-15 18:24:26

I'd either take your own travel cot (hotel don't have to know) or take a portable bed guard and put him in the bed. We went on a two week cruise when ds2 was just under 2, still in a cot at home, but slept fine in the single bed in cabin with the bed guard - obv this only works if the bed is against a wall so he can't fall out the other side. I find kids accept things when you're away that they wouldn't accept at home so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

kaymondo Mon 09-Feb-15 18:25:32

Oh and like oldbeanbags said, once we were home we had to take the side off the cot!

kate1516 Mon 09-Feb-15 19:00:32

Thank you. I didn't know about bed guards so will look in to that. Might play it by ear over he next month or two and perhaps take the travel cot as back up

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