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Getting eye ointment into 23 mo with chicken pox, help please.

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Redcagoule Mon 09-Feb-15 11:18:43

DS is not really bothered by any of his chicken pox spots, including the one in his eye, but I'm really struggling to get the ointment in his eye. The hospital gave us antiviral ointment to put in four times a day.

Even with two of us and bribes of chocolate we can't get him to unscrunch his eye, so at best it's going on his eyelash line and I am really hoping enough goes in. I know it's important and the doctor acknowledged it would be hard to administer.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting it in his eye more effectively?

It's not the pinning down or keeping his head still that's the problem it's the screwed up eyes.

mrsannekins Mon 09-Feb-15 19:59:52

I've always found drops easier to get into DD's eyes than ointment, by adopting a point and squirt approach! My logic is that even if more than the prescribed number of drops lands on a scrunched up eye, by the time half of it has dribbled down their face, they may actually have got the actual dose in their eye once they open them again.

Funnily enough, I just googled administering eye ointment to a toddler and one of the links that came up was an old mumsnet thread about it. Try searching the site and see what you get!

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