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Dirty hands and viruses

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PooersMummy Mon 09-Feb-15 04:42:34

So we are still in the grips of the norovirus...(in week 5 now!)
My nipples are being stretched off as we speak as I daren't put my hands anywhere near my daughter's mouth or my nipples!
I'm really trying to contain this virus but I'm struggling with nappy changes.
My 9 week old squirms so much that it is hard to have anything under her. At the moment I use a double thickness piece of kitchen roll. I know it's wasteful but I'll do anything to get rid of this virus.
She is also just starting to reach to the nappy tabs and to my hands. This evening I managed to get poo on the back of my hand (cue much washing and fear of reinfection!) So I'd rather she didn't reach down! I'm also a bit worried about the changing mat. As bleach is the only thing that kills norovirus I have used flash spray on the mat but now I'm terrified of harming her with the residue or giving allergies.

Does anyone have any hygienic changing tips? And also tips to wash hands in running water without bathing?

Buddhasgirl Mon 09-Feb-15 05:54:43

What about disposable gloves? llike the ones used in hospital? you also get disposable change mats or bed mats, puppy pads would even work. as for baby's hands, what about cheap mits. that you don't mind throwing away? pound shop good for this stuff

KatyN Mon 09-Feb-15 06:55:07

Have you tried giving your little one a toy to hold while you change her? Or put a mobile over the changing table?
I think while you are beating the bug disposable everything is a really good idea.
Good luck kx

SecretSpy Mon 09-Feb-15 07:24:43

Noro virus is vile but it doesn't last for five weeks, perhaps a trip to the gp?

eurochick Mon 09-Feb-15 07:28:26

I agree. Moro usually lasts about 48 hours. You need to see a GP n

TheCowThatLaughs Mon 09-Feb-15 07:58:17

I agree with pp who said see the dr, noro only lasts a couple of days. What makes you think it's that? Who else is affected?

OldBagLady Mon 09-Feb-15 12:24:32

Agree Norovirus does not last 5 weeks. AFAIK you should also retain immunity for 12-14 weeks after infection so reinfection should not be an issue in this space of time. Get to GP.

PooersMummy Tue 10-Feb-15 00:43:03

The puppy pads are a good idea - I shall see if I can get some - are they like what you have in hosp when having the baby?
She kicks kitchen towel away so hopefully those would be better.
Definitely norovirus as we had a sample tested. Apparently this year's strain js a lingerer. Not sure whether it is lingering in the house and we are being reinfected or whether it is just lingering in our bodies. I hadn't recovered from the birth so was pretty weak when it struck me.
Are a bit more today than my usual cereal bars and crisps and had a bad night with the baby last night but now feeling dreadful. Not sure if re infection or just reached rock bottom... Arghhhh!
Thanks for all your suggestions.
I'm trying probiotics tomorrow but think the baby may have to start on formula tomorrow as I don't think I can continue breastfeeding at the moment.

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