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What to do if DS wakes up hungry?

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LackingCommonSense Sun 08-Feb-15 17:55:09

Posted in chat for traffic but relevant here..

DS is about to go to bed having eaten bugger all today - what can I give him if he wakes during the night? 

We're going with the 'you eat what you're given or nothing at all' approach as he's a great eater for everyone except us. HV suggested we try this except he's so stubborn it means he goes without then makes up for it at nursery. Today is probably the worst yet and we don't want to cave, hence the bedtime without food. 

I don't like him going to bed without but am at a loss here sad

Velvetbee Sun 08-Feb-15 17:57:46

Mine used to get brown bread and butter if they refused meals, dull but fairly nutritious. Would that do?

CMOTDibbler Sun 08-Feb-15 17:58:50

Plain bread would be my choice too.

GoogleyEyes Sun 08-Feb-15 17:59:46

Personally, I have said 'Oh dear, well, you can have extra porridge at breakfast." And tried to resist the temptation to point out the whole should-have-eaten-your-sodding-dinner thing.

LackingCommonSense Sun 08-Feb-15 18:04:15

Ah bread and butter is a good call thanks.

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