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I'm covered in bruises and scratches from 5month old DS2

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bluehearted Fri 06-Feb-15 20:58:00

DS2 is 5 months old. He is the wriggliest baby I have ever experienced. It's so bad that when other people hold him they give him back a minute later saying they can't cope with him. One person has actually said "he'll have ADHD when he's older".

I am covered in bruises and scratches from holding him. He'll play on the floor, roll over etc for a few minutes then scream. He loves his jumperoo.

It's so bad that you can't hold him to feed him (apart from his last feed before bed but that's a struggle at the beginning). He will only feed in his chair (a fisher price newborn to toddler chair) or in his pushchair. It is getting so difficult. My dh came home today, he had been away for 4 weeks (he's army) and said he's like a different baby. He had croup very badly about 5-6 weeks ago and he's changed ever since.

I know I shouldn't listen to comments like that but it's stuck in my head. when I put him in the pushchair he screams and screams, people make comments or stare. If he isn't asleep in there, he screams. Since croup he has refused a dummy.

I suppose I'm just looking for some understanding, has anyone else had a difficult baby? should I actually be concerned?

Caronaim Sun 08-Feb-15 09:55:39

no, no need to be concerned, he is a tiny baby!

squizita Sun 08-Feb-15 10:19:47

They don't get cause and effect and also have no controlled way of burning off energy (they can't do sports or hobbies!) so they just make noises and thrash. smile
My dh has to carry dd with care or she kicks him in the gentleman's area! grin

If you think about it having a lively baby means they're well fed and their bones are strong. Less to worry about!! grin

KatyN Mon 09-Feb-15 06:52:50

My boy used to get wrapped in a towel for feeds or he would thrash about too much. He also would spend 20 minutes at a time happily throwing himself around in his cot several times a day.
He doesn't have ADHD (he's only three) and will sit quite calmly.
5 months is quite old for people to cuddle becuse they are so wriggly. Once he can roll back or crawl it will get so much easier!!

Iggly Mon 09-Feb-15 07:20:47

Is he OK? Are you sure he's not got reflux or hang over from the croup? The screaming wriggling make me wonder.

Booboostoo Mon 09-Feb-15 08:21:51

DS is like that and I think it's because he is physically fairly advanced and frustrated by his desire to move, touch and propel himself forward. Would a nursing necklace help a little bit? DS loves his, he bites it, pulls it and generally attacks it.

ReturnfromtheStars Mon 09-Feb-15 09:42:57

I am originally from another country and my friend bought me a baby exercise video which can be done with baby from 6 weeks old. Both of my babies absolutely loved it - we did it every day - and they were both crawling by 4-5 month old. Maybe your baby wants to crawl too?

Unfortunately this baby exercise thing does not seem to exist in the UK. I remember the exercises but do not feel qualified to describe them as they had to be done precisely not to harm baby. I found one webpage in English though where some exercises are listed and also tummy time mentioned: (don't forget to go further down then the ads).

After a lot of exercise he might even want to cuddle during feeds - that would be great!

Good luck xx

ReturnfromtheStars Mon 09-Feb-15 10:20:03

I found some videos if you don't mind not understanding the language. They all seem to have been taken at controlled environments so not just some home videos but from some paid exercise classes:

They all have different age limits told in the videos but your baby at 5 months old is old in enough for all off these exercises: (Has to be 4-5 months!!!)

Also I really, really hope you don't mind me saying - I am never one to criticise parenting choices - I am only saying as trying to imagine what would improve your situation and also as a pediatrician told me (ok so saying it at last...

... that Jumperoo is apparently not great for baby's movement development and tummy time is the preferred alternative:

Hope it helps

squizita Mon 09-Feb-15 10:34:06

Return tummy time is well known in the UK and encouraged. smile We don't do set exercise routines though, more just let kids explore at their pace as it's not a race!
I take my baby to yoga and some other baby "sports" and it does help her nap I agree.

ReturnfromtheStars Mon 09-Feb-15 11:00:20

Yes squizita sorry I was probably easy to misunderstand. Tommy time is greatly promoted but exercises not so much. I did it with mine not to race but to get all those amazing smiles and giggles and it was fun for me too. A couple of times I also tried it on other babies (with parents permissioon of course) and they loved it so much too! I enjoyed giving my babies the freedom of movement. They started crawling early but walking not so early. I was actually trying to hold them back of walking (stupid I know now but back than I was scared it might put too much strain on their spinal too early).

All in all I think let babies do their on things in their own time but enable to make the most of what they have and baby exercise helped me greatly in that. it is all personal choices of course and at the end of the day all babies learn to crawl, walk, talk etc. I just thought it might help bluehearted in her particular situation with this particular baby - and she is not a begginer mum either as baby is second if not third child.

Never tried baby yoga that sounds fun to smile Oh and swimming was also fun!

bluehearted Wed 11-Feb-15 19:35:51

Last time I checked this there was no posts! So I apologise for taking so long to reply.

He can roll over and loves being on the floor, but not for long! He has a sit up ring now which helps and he's so close to sitting up on his own.

Feeding had become so much worse in the last week or so and we took him to the Drs, they are getting us an appointment at the hospital asap because there's a number of worrying things.

Thank you for the replies. He can be such a lovely happy smiley boy and adores watching his big brother and ds1 is now taking more of an interest. I just worry all the time.

Dh is in the army and has recently been away for 4 weeks, he came home on Friday and was shocked by the difference in him, in that he has become so much more difficult. It all stems back to the croup, so I'm hoping the hospital can do something to check if there's not a problem there!

I'm sure when he's crawling etc he'll be happier.

Thanks again

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