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when does reflux start?

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ruth1104 Fri 06-Feb-15 04:27:02

i have got a gp appointment so im not looking for medical advice but im confused. Over the past couple of weeks my ds has started to show signs of silent reflux - fussy on the boob, doesnt want to be laid flat. Its gotten to the point where he wakes up crying within half an hour of lying down, pretty much every time, but is quiet and falls asleep on sitting up. The thing is, hes 3 months! We've had lots of tummy troubles (he has cmpa) but theyve been of the wind and diarrhea variety and i thought general immature digestive system stuff should be beginning to get better now?! He has started teething, can that cause reflux?

Stubbed Fri 06-Feb-15 17:25:34

Sounds exactly like my dd. Started at 3 months, peaked around 5, improved and was off meds about 8 months. Symptoms more or less like your baby, but I had a friend who's son had it bad and I knew how much worse it could get.

Spent 3 months to 6 months holding her upright for any sleep. Sling in daytimes and exhausting night shifts. Hard for all the family.

Get yourself a decent sling and remember it does get better eventually

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