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Clay or ink foot print advice

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airhostess Thu 05-Feb-15 11:18:41

I want yo do my DS hands and foot prints with a DIY kit. Can you recommend any up to £40 please. John Lewis has one for £38 or you can buy the wipes and special paper for £10 on their site. I like the idea of one hand, picture of baby, one foot in a frame.
Advice and recommendations please x

NickyEds Thu 05-Feb-15 15:43:09

Can I steer you away from one?? We got a Mamas and Papas clay one which comes in a lovely tin, it was about £25 I think ?? That bloody clay had to be kneaded for about 4 sodding hours before it was soft enough to imprint a tiny foot in it! It does look quite nice when done but it was a PITA

airhostess Thu 05-Feb-15 16:14:20


plipplops Fri 06-Feb-15 17:17:47

Have you thought of a pottery painting place? A friend of mine runs a business doing paint your own pottery but also does baby hand/footprints on pottery (she does the print then writes the name/date/anything you want). It's really cheap (way less than the kits you're looking at) and she's a pro so you wouldn't get all flappy if your DS tries to run off all painty! She's south of Bristol but I'd imagine there are similar places all over.

Oh also I've used the inkless wipes to take a cat's paw print and it worked quite well, so think they should be easy enough to use on a baby if you decide to go that route. It was about £3 on eBay for the wipes and card, then you could just frame it.

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