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vests for a 2.5 year old that cover the belly??!!

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inconceivableme Mon 02-Feb-15 09:35:08

We've tried Peacocks and Matalan 2-3 and Morrisons Nutmeg 3-4. After a wash and a tumble they're all too short and DS's belly is exposed to the cold. Are other brands more generous in length please?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 02-Feb-15 09:40:26

H&M and Tesco in my experience.

BotBotticelli Mon 02-Feb-15 10:18:23

Mothercare sell age 2-3 vests that popper under the bum like baby vests!

My DS is still wearing them: he is a very tall 26mo, same size as most 3 year olds and they for him fine.

Think you can buy a pack of 7 for a tenner - order online and deliver to your nearest store.

inconceivableme Mon 02-Feb-15 10:33:22

Thanks for the recommendations!
I need ones without the poppers ideally as he's out of nappies now.

bagofsnakes Mon 02-Feb-15 10:38:25

We had this problem and found that the thermal underwear range from Asda actually worked as they are so close fitting they stay put around the tummy. Combine with their thermal long johns and 2.7 year old DS is good to go on the coldest days.

LastNightADJSavedMyLife Mon 02-Feb-15 10:40:08

M&S keep their size well

Sarsparilla Mon 02-Feb-15 10:47:19

You need vests that are cut quite narrow-fitting, then you can go up lots and lots of sizes - DD(7) wears age 11-12 vests, though all her other clothes are 6-7.

DD's are from Vertbaudet, not sure if their boy's ones are also narrow, but the girls ones are great. We also had some good plain white basic ones from M&S that were long and lasted ages, but I bought them years ago so maybe the quality has declined.

inconceivableme Mon 02-Feb-15 10:53:25

Thanks everyone! We need ones without poppers ideally as DS is out of nappies. Or popper ones still relevant then?

inconceivableme Mon 02-Feb-15 10:53:31

Thanks everyone! We need ones without poppers ideally as DS is out of nappies. Or popper ones still relevant then?

addictedtosugar Mon 02-Feb-15 10:54:37

We've got some tesco ribbed ones, which are great.
ASDA plain cotton are very short, as are the tesco plain cotton (maybe they've shrunk?)

stressbucket1 Mon 02-Feb-15 14:23:03

I agree with m&s they wash well and are worth paying a little extra from the supermarket brands imo

flipflopsonfifthavenue Mon 02-Feb-15 19:09:36

DS1 can no longer wear his popper ones as out of nappies and I too worry about his cold back and tummy. His m&s ones seem ok to tuck into his trousers and like others have said, long johns or tights work better at keeping vests tucked it.

Perspective21 Mon 02-Feb-15 20:03:54

Only my DS wears vests anymore, his sisters are too old! However, when I was in charge of their layers, they always had M&S. I buy M&S for DS too and he is quite long backed. They wash superbly well but I don't tumble them.

Nothing is sweeter than a clean little boy fresh from the bath in a pristine white vest smile, joyful...

TiedUpWithString Tue 03-Feb-15 13:32:12

Jojo maman be be ones are fantastic quality with big matching pants. The vests tuck into the pants very well grin.

Momzilla82 Tue 03-Feb-15 13:40:30

I have a long bodied DS- I have found John Lewis ones are nice and long.

AugustRose Tue 03-Feb-15 13:49:51

DS2 is 3 (almost 4) and we had to get Aldi 5-6 to cover him properly - they wash well too. M&Co and Sainsburys were very short, even in the larger sizes.

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