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my mum hates my parenting technique

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frankiebuns Sun 01-Feb-15 13:59:37

Im 30 with 2 kids my parenting style is totally diferent to my mums we are in the middle of moving and redecorating and my mum offered to have the kids i come afyer 3 hours and she has a go at me for not being around amd not putting them first help my mum is a ott enveloping mum me not so much i do everything ive also given up work im crticised for replying tp a txt whilst getting a bottle im criticused for looking at my tablet when both kids are in bed. I only go out if needed and the next thing i have planned is my hen night which is a meal then home for 10pm. I cant seem to do anything right at the moment she has eveb taken to calling my son her son and littleboy! Just a bit fed up

plipplops Mon 02-Feb-15 10:20:46

Do you need her help? It sounds like she might be more trouble than she's worth. Go easy on yourself, it's hard when different generations have different ideas how to parent but you're the one in charge, they're your kids.

Dollyemi Mon 02-Feb-15 10:25:08

Parenting has changed rather a lot in the past 30 years so she needs to accept that you are a different mum than she was. A firm "thanks mum, but I am really quite happy to do this my way" may help. I'm always on my iPad when dd is in bed, nothing wrong with that!

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