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Tiredness and impatience.

(9 Posts)
littleraysofsunshine Thu 29-Jan-15 02:27:12

I feel thing some days/nights then I feel bad for being snappy with everyone.

Anyone else sleep deprived and have moments of snapping?

As in, Ds has just been awake fidgeting for two hours, and it is adorable, as he seems as if he knows it's his birthday tomorrow. Ahem today shall I say. But I snapped and put him back in his cot a bit fast and then threw the blanket in there at the end. Feel terrible and I cried. His sweet face when I picked him up immediately. Not crying just gazing at me. I love hugs from him. I'm just tired hmm

holeinmyheart Thu 29-Jan-15 19:27:51

We all get tired little it is very hard and tiring being with a baby all day. However you have recognised that how your are treating your baby is not good.
Also it is not your babies fault you are tired, he is just being a baby.

If you are crying a lot and feel that you can't keep your temper, perhaps you are mildly depressed.
If it is your first baby, it is a BIG shock to the system and can be lonely.
You do need to discuss what happened with some you trust. A GP is not allowed to discuss what you tell them with anyone else. Have you a Mum close by who might give you a break?
You must have heard of Post Natal Depression. This can occur months after your baby is born.

Please try and be patient with your DS. He will only have one childhood and any kindness that you show to him now, will be repaid in shed loads when he gets older and you may need his help.
We have all been there. X

BlueChampagne Thu 29-Jan-15 19:29:17

It's tough when you're sleep deprived, so cut yourself some slack. Take it one day at a time and see if you can grab some extra sleep at the weekend. Thinking of you.

ElphabaTheGreen Thu 29-Jan-15 19:37:03

I have been the picture of Zen for the past 2.7 years with non-sleeping DS1. I now have non-sleeping DS2 and the cracks are starting to show. DS1 developed this particularly irritating middle-of-the-night whine that acts like a cheese grater on every nerve in my body and I confess to having exploded in a few 'ohforfuckssake GO BACK TO SLEEP' a couple of times now. I did also once seize him and plonk him a touch too firmly into our bed (he bounced a bit).

Sleep deprivation is a bitch. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be posting here flowers

littleraysofsunshine Mon 09-Feb-15 21:45:52

He's my third. Sleep deprivations is horrid. I was having a bad few days that day I posted. Family stuff going on also. But we're great, I'm still dog tired but hey.. It'll pass. Not too soon I hope. And it can't be that bad if it hasn't put me off anymore indefinitely lol

littleraysofsunshine Mon 09-Feb-15 21:47:06

On a serious note. I do feel like impatience is such a hard thing when tired. My other two are still small too so it can be tricky. I just need to try and care for myself more and nurture my needs so I can see to everyone else's with more energy

StampyShortnose Mon 09-Feb-15 21:50:50

There is a reason that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!

Is there anyone that can look after your baby for a fww hours during the day so you can have a kip? And of you have a partner, make sure they are doing their fair share!

It will get better smile

FoxHugs Tue 10-Feb-15 01:29:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squizita Tue 10-Feb-15 10:05:08

My mum comes round once a week. Sleepy week = trip with mum and gran to town. No sleep week = play with granny while mummy has a shower and sleep. I freeze milk 8n case it's needed! Could anyone do this for you? Knowing even weekly there's "rescue" helps! grin

As PP say if you have any mild depression or whatever it makes it loads worse! sad I'm usually feisty but sleep deprivation makes me floppy and weak. sad

Right now I'm finding the plot of Mr Tumble a challenge (I have taught A level film studies before so fairly sure this is down to lack of sleep).

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