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Help!! Hope DS is ok

(2 Posts)
Happymum1985 Wed 28-Jan-15 11:03:12

Hi all, so I turned my back for about three minutes today whilst cooking in the kitchen, noticed DS had gone quiet and found him in the downstairs bathroom. He was holding the toilet duck and had got the lid off and there was a small pool of it on the floor. I picked him straight up and looked in his mouth. I couldn't see anything and his breath smelt normal so I'm hoping I got there in the nick of time. I've now washed his hands and moved all cleaning products to a high shelf but I'm now panicking that he might've had some and I wouldn't know. What should I do? WOuld you take him to a&e just incase? I feel scared and terrible. He seems ok but then I've been googling and it said sometimes symptoms aren't immediate ��

QueenGeraldine Wed 28-Jan-15 11:52:59

Oh no, poor you!!! I think if he had tried to drink any you would see it round his mouth though, and you would be able to smell it - toilet duck stinks! Does he usually try to put everything in his mouth or could he have just wanted top pour it out? I'm sure its fine but do go to a&e if you feel unsure - they get things like this all the time I'm sure and better safe than sorry! Good luck xx

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