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Smartphone safety for beginners - advice please!

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PrincessSmartipants Tue 27-Jan-15 07:52:17

DD (12) needs a new phone. She's had the same elderly non-smart brick since starting secondary last year and I've agreed to get her a cheap basic smartphone.

So... security... We've talked a lot about safety and privacy etc but want some actual just-in-case barriers to certain things happening iyswim. These are our ideas so far -

1) make it so she can only download/install apps with my permission/password

2) some sort of safe search on the browser

3) is there a way of backing up her messages so I can get access to them if necessary?

What are the best ways of achieving the above and what if anything have we missed? TIA flowers

CoolCat2014 Wed 28-Jan-15 16:49:39

I don't know about all phones, but on the iPhone you can set it so that all apps require a password to download and update, I'm sure it's the same with android. You can also get some level of protection through your internet provider - both at home on wifi (sky is best for this I believe) and on data. Probably best to phone up the companies to set it up.

It might be worth going somewhere like car phone warehouse as the are usually pretty good at advising on such things.

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