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Reusable Nappy Questions

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kittiker Mon 26-Jan-15 21:11:47

I posted this in the Nappy board but I didn't get any response - hope it's okay to put it here.

My first baby is due in May and I'm very keen to use reusable nappies as much and as soon as I can. I'm planning to use disposables for the first week(s) then I've got a mix of things to use:
12 bambino mios / 3 xs & 3 s mio wraps - I'll use one of the folds with nappi nippa for these instead of pad folding (I know lots of people aren't keen on these but they were an irresistible preloved bargain!)
10 bamboo 50cm terries
10 cotton 60cm terries
4 Nature Babies classic wraps in small
20 Fleece liners plus some flushable ones

- Is this enough to be able to wash every other day with a NB?
- How long will this do baby for - approx weight / age?
- Any other advice / recommendations / tips for a newbie?

Many thanks

pookamoo Mon 26-Jan-15 21:17:22


Probably plenty. I'd say usually 20 nappies is enough for a wash every other day, so you are covered.

One thing I would say is don't bother with the fleece or disposable liners until after baby starts solids. They are totally useless until then - they just end up a slimy pooey mess. Far easier to just wash the nappies than deal with liners. Once they are on solids, the liners are ace as you can just drop the poo in the loo and the nappies are ready for the wash.

Also, many people use disposables just for the first few days until the meconium poo has all gone through - it is tough to get out. A liner wouldn't help, either.

Have you looked into whether there is a local nappy library close to you? Also, some councils do schemes for cashback incentives on new washable nappies.

Good luck with it all!

bagofsnakes Tue 27-Jan-15 08:52:29

That sounds like plenty of nappies to start with. I will say that, depending on the size of your newborn, you may find them all a little big. My DS was a pretty small newborn (6lbs14oz but 55cm so the dimensions of a 5.5lbs baby in the middle) and terry nappies, infant prefolds (like the Bambino Mios) and small wraps didn't come close to fitting him for the two months. The good news is that muslins make a great newborn nappy and you'll want to have plenty of those in anyway. Check out this video:

Even if you have a more average size (8lb) baby, muslins might be the way forward for the first 4 weeks. You may also find that you need some more xs wraps but you could wait and see what size/shape baby is first.

I think that it's a good idea to have disposables for the first couple of days, just until the meconium passes, but then you can go straight on to cloth. I'd get on to cloth while you have support at home to help get you started. If you have a OH try and get them really into cloth nappies too. I found DH's support invaluable; using YouTube vids he learnt how to fasten a prefold and a muslin with nappy nippas before I did and so he did all of the nappy changes while he was at home - a massive help as it let me focus on breastfeeding and I think it made DH feel like he had a real role to play.

Thinking back, I think that we did continue to use disposables at night for the first week, week and a half, until we became good enough at cloth to do it with bleary 3am eyes. As you end up changing 10-12 nappies a day, by the end of day two you're an expert, no matter what type of nappy you choose.

As for how long they will last, it really depends on the size and shape of your baby but you're going to need bigger wraps for sure when the baby is 3-4 months old. The terries could last for a good long while, although you may find that you need boosters eventually.

Using cloth is a steep learning curve for sure, but then everything about having a newborn is! In my opinion it's completely worth it. I have a 2.7 year old still in cloth (although about to finish with them very soon - I hope!) and a newborn due any day to take over the stash.

Feel free to ask anything else - I could clearly talk about cloth nappies all day smile

pookamoo Tue 27-Jan-15 21:34:08

Ditto having your DP on board! My DH was always raving on to people about reusable nappies! grin

HandAndShrimp Wed 28-Jan-15 02:56:00

we started at around 8 weeks so not from NB, but have just graduated to cloth FT (21 months)! Bambino mios/prefolds are still ace, I tend to mainly use them (realnappies) at home and for day naps although they're really bomb proof. Wraps with double leg gussets are also good (thirsties, bummis) and a few cheap pocket nappies with microfibre inserts are fab to boost the stash. We have a variety of types and that works for us rather than one brand/style (but I always extol the virtue of prefolds as once you have the folding down pat, they're easy, efficient and quick to dry (bear in mind you can get away with a slightly smaller stash in summer than in winter, unless you have a tumble dryer, if so, don't dry the shells as this may break down the waterproof layer over time). I just bought one or two at a time to build stash rather than massive financial outlay, as you never know which type of nappy will best fit until the baby is here (although prefolds are always a good bet for the early days)

Also agree with the possible leaking (fit) issues as baby is still tiny . . . we had loads of leaks for the first 1-2 months (8-12 weeks) and I was cursing the very existence of these nappies. I'm not familiar with some of the brands you mention as I am not in the UK.

Microfleece liners have been a godsend for me, easier to pooscrape/hold in flush than the whole other nappy (assuming its not been smeared across the layers or liner hasn't rucked up in the middle). A solid poo is a cause for celebration in this house.

I would recommend finding a well-populated (ie daily traffic) and friendly nappy forum as I joined one when DD was about 4 months (and I was on verge of quitting MCN completely) I learnt so much by seeming-osmosis once I got over the fact that I was spending my spare time reading about nappies. Clue: there may be some on fb, ask around. Ours is based on the country we are in (and hence suppliers and brands) and maybe private or closed

good luck :-)

NorahBone Wed 28-Jan-15 11:22:19

We had a lot of wee leaks around the legs with the smaller size bambino mio nappies, until we started using the fold they recommend for heavy wetting (it's a bit narrower). But that was only when we moved up a size so that could have been a factor.
In terms of poo-splosions though they seemed better than disposables as they are more elasticated - I'd rather have a few damp vests than entire outfits destroyed by poo grin

Artandco Wed 28-Jan-15 11:25:33

We started around a month old. We used one size fits all though so I think too big on very newborn, but yours may do.

I would maybe suggest looking at some one size fits all for any additional ones as they last newborn to potty train so you don't have to keep buying bigger ( just adjust poppers), and also handy if grandparents/ friends etc look after as once pre stuffed with insert, they go on like a regular nappy

ElviraCondomine Wed 28-Jan-15 18:20:33

Sounds perfect to me, although I had big babies so small sizes didn't last long.

I liked terries (bat/origami fold on newborns, neat fold when older, Gaynor's fold on tall older babies/ toddlers) fasted with nappi nippas.

DH favoured pinned prefolds.

I used poppered wraps without a gusset as they survive the washing machine better than velcro, and wool wraps (knitted soakers) at night from about 6 months.

I never got nippas to work with prefolds as they are so tightly woven.

I do think a few shaped are useful later on, especially if using child care, but for ease of use, washing, being hardwearing (and so cute) you can't beat a terry IME. Folding becomes second nature and you can get a great fit with a bit of practice (roll or fold legs in so you don't get that awful droopy terry look)

kittiker Wed 28-Jan-15 19:42:48

Thank you so much for all the helpful advice on here - I'll keep a note of it for once the baby comes. It's especially valued as there aren't any resources in my local area and very few of my friends are into the idea. DH and I are strangely excited about cloth nappies. We've been practising the different folds with a doll we borrowed from a mate!

HandAndShrimp Thu 29-Jan-15 02:28:02

Ah a nappy geek in the making. There are others of your ilk out there! Only one of my rl friends uses cloth but another due friend has been tapping me up for hacks and keen to try. Happy o answer any questions that might come up for you in the future too. Want me to ask on my nappy discussion board if anyone can recommend similar uk board (assuming you are in uk?)

kittiker Thu 29-Jan-15 17:25:03

Thanks, HandandShrimp (nice Discworld reference!) That would be fab. Yes, I'm in the UK. K x

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