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What do your 2-3 year olds...

(17 Posts)
Coffeemonster1 Mon 26-Jan-15 20:54:10

eat and drink on an average day?

Ohnodisaster Mon 26-Jan-15 21:01:06

Mine is 2.10.
Usually has quite a big breakfast: 2 weetabix/ porridge/ eggs on toast
Fruit or biscuit mid morning
Smallish lunch-pasta/soup/toast/sandwich with some cherry tomatoes & cucumber, yogurt
Dinner-whatever we're having-roast/ curry & rice/ shepherds pie/slag bol /jacket potatoes etc
Milk or water whenever he asks for it (although don't tend to give milk just before meals).

He is not at all fussy but still likes to be fed blush even though he's quite capable of feeding himself.

toomuchtooold Mon 26-Jan-15 21:46:25

I've got two who're 2y9m.

They have:
- bottle of milk (I know, I know)
- fruit and porridge flapjacks for breakfast f
- largish lunch (fish/chicken, veggies, pasta/rice)
- fruit/scones/sweet bread for afternoon tea at nursery
- crap dinner (fish fingers feature heavily)
- milk before bed

That's what they get offered: one tends to eat a bit of everything, the other seems to choose one thing in a day that she likes and eats that almost to the exclusion of everything else. Today it was melon: she ate like 1/3 of a melon over the course of the day.

When we moved house, the unfussy one refused to eat anything but ice lollies for a week grin

DoNotDenyMe Mon 26-Jan-15 21:54:45

My dd is 2.9.
Cereal for breakfast - occasionally a second serving too.
Some fruit by about 10am.
One piece of toast at around 11am.
Lunch tends to be a sandwich with cherry tomatoes.
More fruit if she says she's hungry in the afternoon (although nothing after 3pm or she wouldn't eat dinner)
Dinner would be a small portion of whatever we'd be eating.
Yoghurt for dessert.
Milk before bed.
I sometimes think she has a bottomless pit as a stomach but hey-ho - she's not at all overweight grin

nottheOP Mon 26-Jan-15 21:56:02

Cereal & toast for breakfast
A meal at lunch. Meat & veg type thing, pasta
Lighter dinner - soup or similar
Some supper of fruit and crackers
Milk in a cup at night before teeth

water and squash to drink all day
Nursery does puddings and occasionally sweet treats buy try to limit as it stops him eating the good stuff!

Fanfeckintastic Mon 26-Jan-15 22:05:50

3yr 7m

Cereal for breakfast.

Turkey and baby spinach salad for lunch and sometimes a very small pack of "shot" things with dried fruit, pecans, cashews or little chocolate bits.

Constantly asking for snacks between lunch and dinner, sometimes yogurt, a babybel, fruit etc.

Dinner varies between really healthy and really crap. Sometimes homemade wonderment, sometimes fish fingers or Linda Mc sausages, carrot mash, beans, scrambled egg etc!

Drinks loads of water, couple of small glasses of milk and loves some "dry eye cereal" before bed (Cheerios without milk)

ceeveebee Mon 26-Jan-15 22:07:39

I have two 3 yos

Typical day they have:
Breakfast - 2 bowls of cereal (Cheerios, weetabix or cornflakes) plus toast and marmite

Lunch - sandwiches - usually on baguette - chicken,ham or cheese. Fruit and yoghurt

Tea - pasta with some kind of sauce eg cheese/broccoli/spinach/chicken sauce or tomato/carrot/pepper/some kind of meat sauce. Fruit afterwards. DS might also have the odd treat like a mini cup cake, DD would rather have a slice of cheese

Supper (sometimes) - bread and butter, milk

No snacks really other than more fruit as they won't eat their meals if they snack. Only drink water, DS likes milk.

Fanfeckintastic Mon 26-Jan-15 22:14:04

^that should be Turkey and baby spinach salad sandwich for lunch! She wouldn't be impressed with a salad on it's own unless it was covered in cheese!

tomandizzymum Mon 26-Jan-15 22:24:33

2.4 months
8-9 breakfast is milk and a quarter of a French bread roll with butter or a banana.
11.30-12 lunch of rice, beans, salad and some vegetable and meat dish. He has this is in a regular sized bowl. This is his big main meal.
2.30-3 snack at pre-school a small coixinha or pão de quijo (brazilian things he loves), cup of homemade fruit juice and some chopped fruit. Or if at home a yogurt, a slice of corn bread, fruit and some milk.
7-9 supper, an egg, chopped fruit, a ham sandwich, a bowl of acai (another Brazilian thing) or a small slice of pizza. Occasionally we go out for a meal or barbeque when he usually shares a plate with his 5 year old brother of whatever it is we're eating.

Ineedacleaningfairy Tue 27-Jan-15 10:58:28

Ds is 2.2

Breakfast-cereal and a banana or grapes.

Snack-apple and a cracker + cheese.

Lunch-the same as us, usually left overs from dinner earlier in the week or something we have batch cooked, recently we have been eating lots of stuffed pasta. Sometimes I make him a plate with different food to pick at in the shape of a face (olives, prawns, cucumber, pepper, pate, soft cheese, bread that sort of thing)

Snack-yogurt or fruit (sometimes both!) if we are visiting family he usually gets a biscuit or bun.

Dinner- whatever we are eating, bllognaise, risotto, meat/fish + potatoes + veg, stew, curry, he is quite picky about carbs, he loves pasta, couscous and rice but he is not a fan of potatoes. He has a yogurt or piece of fruit as pudding.

He breastfeeds a 2-4 times a day and has water the rest of the time.

Thurlow Tue 27-Jan-15 11:12:12

Just turned 3. An average day would be...

Breakfast - either porridge, weetabix, shreddies or rice crispies, normally a really big helping (she doesn't eat breakfast until she's been awake for a good hour or so)

Probably a small snack in the morning, like a piece of fruit or some crackers/oatcakes

Lunch - a slice of bread with some ham and cucumber/veg, and a yoghurt for pudding. Rarely her biggest meal of the day.

Sometimes a small amount of warm milk before the nap - depends on how close to lunch the nap is, if it's been over an hour or so then I'll give her milk to help her sleep. Again, sometimes a snack when she wakes up, generally small.

Dinner will be something like chilli, pasta and veg, stew, spag bol, fish fingers and veg etc. Tends to be her biggest meal of the day if she's not had much of a snack. Doesn't always get pudding as she's happy to eat so much main meal.

5-6oz warm milk before bed. She just drinks throughout the day from several beakers around the house so I have no idea how much she has actually drinks, other than she has regular wet nappies. Try and avoid anything but water and milk.

Dontbugmemalone Tue 27-Jan-15 12:09:46

DS2 is 2.7, it varies so much from day to day. He is quite fussy and difficult to feed.

Breakfast- Porridge on most days, sometimes cereal.

He normally has a snack when we come back from the school run like a banana, apple or yogurt.

Doesn't really eat proper lunch so normally ends up with grated cheese.
Yesterday was 3 yogurts.

Snack on the way to school, normally an apple or banana.

Dinner depends on his mood, he ate all of his spaghetti bolognaise last week and hardly anything yesterday.

Normally porridge or cereal before bed.

He drinks water throughout the day and also breastfeeds.

He's not underweight but I feel so bad that he doesn't eat much.

FluffyRedSocks Tue 27-Jan-15 12:20:15


Bottle of milk
2 weetabix
a tonne of biccies if at toddlers
A 1 slice sandwich and some veg sticks for lunch. A cup of water
Maybe some fruit if hungry in the a afternoon
What we have for dinner- lasagne, bolognaise, homemade chicken kievs etc with water
Milk before bed

mumofboyo Tue 27-Jan-15 13:47:10

3.9 y old ds will eat pretty much anything we put in front of him apart from peppers and courgettes.
2.4 y old dd is much more choosy although, at the moment, seems to be eating quite well.

Breakfast - cereal and milk (though they've decided for now that they like the cereal dry hmm which I suppose means less waste as I can just put what they don't touch back in the box)
lunch/dinner - sandwiches, beans & jacket spud, stew, curry, fish, pasta... anything that we're having really. Yoghurt, fruit or something sweet for pudding
dinner/tea - see above (though if they have a heavier meal earlier on, they have a lighter meal later. Dd at the moment seems to prefer eating earlier rather than later)
supper - more milk, cereal or toast.
some snacks through the day such as a biscuit, fruit, chocolate or a jelly pot.

confusedandemployed Tue 27-Jan-15 14:02:11

1.11 DD eats pretty much anything.

Breakfast - Weetabix / porridge / shreddies, plus some fruit
Cup of milk about an hour later
Lunch - homemade soup & bread / something on toast (egg, beans) / 'picky' lunch of oatcakes with cheese spread, ham, cucumber, tomatoes / sweetcorn fritter and veg / omelette (you get the picture). Yoghurt for pudding
Tea - curry & rice / spag bol / chicken dinner / lamb stew / risotto / fish pie...again you see the pattern.
Milk and biscuit before bed

I batch cook 3 or 4 meals for her at a time so I can usually just bung something direct from freezer to microwave. Also I make extra of our meals and portion up a few meals for her from them. She mainly eats what we eat, except usually a day later, because we eat long after she's in bed.

neversleepagain Tue 27-Jan-15 14:07:59

Twin girls, 2.4. This was yesterday and pretty much an average day.,.

A cup of full fat milk on waking
Breakfast: 2 pieces of wholewheat toast with honey & a large handful of grapes and blueberries
Morning snack: cheese cubes, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks
Lunch: a wholewheat wrap with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and chicken. Half an apple & a small yoghurt
Snack after nap: cup of full fat milk and a banana
Dinner: pasta bolognese with grated veg (carrots & courgette). Satsuma & fromage frais
Cup of full fat milk before bed

Water to drink during the day.

Roomba Tue 27-Jan-15 21:10:21

My 2.6 yr old varies wildly between eating almost nothing (sometimes for days at a time) and never stopping troughing all day long!

Today was fairly typical. He had porridge then half a banana for breakfast, some crackers and raisins for a snack at about 10.30, some chicken, veg and couscous for lunch (which he begged for as he loves couscous!), a piece of cheese at 3.30 (fruit offered but declined) and for dinner, a large fishcake, potatoes, carrots and peas followed by a yoghurt.

He had several drinks of water, about 300ml of cow's milk and was breastfed upon waking and at bedtime (suspect he doesn't get much milk any more as can't feel much of a letdown any more).

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