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Weird, spooky things happening after DD's birth

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Midorichan Sat 24-Jan-15 20:35:26

Has anyone else had this? My DD is my second. Nothing happened with my firstborn, but two weeks before my daughter arrived, I started to hear footfalls on my landing (my husband works abroad a lot so obviously wasn't him). Then, a week or so after her birth I was sat up breastfeeding her in bed when the entire bed frame (which is a solid storage bed frame that cannot be moved by one person, let alone two, without dismantling) juddered and jolted for about 5 long seconds. One of her nappy bags then fell off the cabinet that is next to (but not touching) my bed, so I know I wasn't imagining things. Also, as the bed has storage underneath, I could also hear the contents rattling as the bed shook. I used to live in Japan so have been through a few earthquakes and thats just what it felt like, so checked for earthquake reports but nothing (i live in the such of the UK), I even emailed the seismology people and they confirmed that there had been no earthquake. I thought, ok…We don't live near a main road/airport/railway line/construction whatever, and we had been in the house a while year with no occurrences before bringing my daughter home. Since then, on and off and ALWAYS when I;ve just fed her and am just settling back into bed, the bed has jolted and juddered around, usually for a few seconds. And I'm talking full on hard judders, not little vibrations etc. The last one happened yesterday morning, a short sharp jolt of the bed that caused some foil to fall over on the other adjacent cabinet. i sound crazy right? But I'm not asleep. It's full on back and forth jolting.

Over the weeks, the door handle in the room has also been sharply rattled - I didn't know, but my other half had gone into the room and asked whatever it was not to scare me any more (he's Japanese so believes in ancestors watching over the children, and thought it might be them), which is when the bed stopped being jolted around and the door handle began being rattled. I tested the handle myself - it requires proper full on hand contact to make it rattle. No one else (adult-wise) is in the house with me at the time. Now the bed has started to jolt again, every now and then (maybe once of twice every two weeks), and after it happens I am too scared and hyper to sleep). I am not imagining this!

I have no solution that i can think of, but just wondered if anyone else has ever had weird things start happening after bringing a new baby home. My MIL says that this is something that has happened to female members of her now I'm truly spooked. I think I'll just sleep on the floor from now on...

silverandblack Sun 25-Jan-15 09:48:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeaAndALemonTart Sun 25-Jan-15 09:51:17

Have you tried filming this?

spanky2 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:58:42

Are there any buildings being built near you ? I have new houses being built opposite me and on Friday my whole house was shaking with whatever they were doing. However when ds1 was a newborn we had a weird experience. He was in his Moses basket in his bedroom asleep and when dh went in when he had woken up a soft rattle had moved from by his feet to the blanket over his chest. He was only days old and no-one else was in the house. We think it may have been my grandma who appeared to us just before my grandad (her dh) died. She loved babies and I like to think she was watching over us.

CeartGoLeor Sun 25-Jan-15 22:55:44

OP, there is a rational explanation for this, even if you haven't yet come up with one that satisfies you! Rationally, when you have a newborn, you are exhausted, suggestible, and awake at all hours of the night when you wouldn't be otherwise - this is why you are noticing sounds and jolts and (in part because of your partner's and MIL's attitude) interpreting them as 'supernatural.' The quiet of the early hours means you notice things that go unnoticed at other times, and you're scared, so each occasion now seems to you like a 'haunting'. I don't think you're imagining it, but it's certainly not ghosts jolting your bed, and you don't need to ask them to go away.

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