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Monday morning moan anyone?

(7 Posts)
weebigmamma Mon 19-Jan-15 10:31:36

Just wanted a little complain :-)

He is learning to crawl and wants to practice all day and then again in his sleep. I am so knackered this morning that I have put him down for his nap and when he wouldn't go down instead of checking he had everything he needed I just insisted on his nap. He eventually went to sleep after a lot of fussing and then I realised he had a poo in his nappy. ARRGGGHHHH. I am letting him sleep in it but I feel bad about it and it will probably mean a very short nap and I really hope he doesn't get nappy rash... OMG I need COFFEEEEEEEEEEE

Good morning!! :-)

squizita Mon 19-Jan-15 10:39:08

Dd fed 5 times last night ... She's 4 month old! Must be growing.
Now she wants a nice long nap but only on my knee. The tv remote and coffee are just out of reach but she's a "one shot at a nap" kinda baby so wisdom says go with it.
I get anxious when I'm tired and am now working myself up that it's too cold to go check put the new supermarket in town oh the glamour which it Deffo isn't as she has a big furry snow suit. Also since when was a new Morrisons the highlight of my week.
such a saddo lol.

weebigmamma Mon 19-Jan-15 10:47:37

OMG 5 feeds... I am putting everything down to 'growth spurts' and 'learning new things' now because I'd fed up of thinking that I'm always doing something wrong and that there is a solution all the time. 'It's a phase' is going to become my new mantra.... I hope you enjoy the supermarket and buy yourself something nice to celebrate kicking the anxiety! :-D

Redling Mon 19-Jan-15 11:31:09

I'm holding a sleeping baby waiting for a parcel that apparently has to be signed for, which is crap as its just a bloody Davina fitness DVD! And because of this we can't go to Rhyme time at the library which we love (me because I work there and run Rhymetime when not on Mat Leave and I thrive on the attention DS gets and they give me cake, coffee and whisk him away for cuddles!). It's 2 degrees here but very sunny so as soon as this parcel comes I'm sticking DS in the carrier and off for a walk!

Redling Mon 19-Jan-15 11:38:25

weebigmamma I too got so much more chilled and happy when I stopped thinking 5 month DS was going to do anything consistently or 'to plan'. He teases me with occasional 8 hour sleeps then the next night feeds every three hours. No rhyme or reason. I basically just go with it now!

ch1134 Mon 19-Jan-15 12:46:12

My ds turned 1 yesterday ad is exhausted from his party! He's still napping... put him down at 10.30... and he smells. I know he needs a nappy change but can't bear to wake him!

weebigmamma Mon 19-Jan-15 16:15:01

lol thank you everyone!! And it's nice to know that other people have also given up with expecting a consistent routine. Mine has been awful at his afternoon naps lately but, hallelujah, he went down this afternoon and boy do I feel better now! :-D Hope the wee monkey doesn't feel the need to do workout again overnight. yes dear, we are impressed with crawling attempts... show us in the morning please!!

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