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Sudden bedtime hell: what's going on?!

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sugarsinner Sun 18-Jan-15 20:53:59

DD is now 5 months old and always screamed at bedtime between 6 weeks and 12. She has been much better and we have started regaining a life for ourselves in the evenings, however at 5 months it's started again.
It doesnt appear to be wind or reflux related like before, she basically has her bedtime bottle, falls asleep, we wait 30 minutes to put her in her cot (due to previous reflux issues as advised by HV) She's down for half an hour and then it's 2 hours of screaming.
In the day time she naps in her cot no problem, but goes down awake, long after her last feed. I'm wondering if this is the issue and that she needs to do the same at bedtime?
The problem is that she still needs to be kept upright after her feed which is when she falls asleep in our arms.
She's 6 months in 2 weeks... could it be time to drop the bedtime feed or even give it to her before bathtime, then send her to bed? Any ideas/advice greatly appreciated. She baths at 6, feeds, bed and then we dont have a life until we go to bed ourselves at around 10.30 because of the constant screaming.

sugarsinner Sun 18-Jan-15 20:56:56

I forgot to add that the reason we dont think it's reflux is because she stops screaming if I pick her up but not if DH does. It's tiring me out because she'll only settle for me, then once she's down it starts all over again! Yet she naps in her cot no problem during the day!

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