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18 month DD doesn't seem to like me?

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Pocket1 Sun 18-Jan-15 10:38:03

For the last week 18 month dd just doesn't seem to want me when daddy or nanny are. She wakes and calls for dada. She goes to him rather than me all the time. When we point at her favourite toys she can name them. And she says da when you point at daddy. But when you point at me she says da!

I'm with her two full days a week plus the weekend, at work 3 days when my mum looks after her. And dh sees her whenever he can either side of his working day. So by rights she should be most familiar with me and go to me. But at the moment she doesn't hmm

I know she doesn't mean anything by this but it's making me so sad.

HoggleHoggle Sun 18-Jan-15 10:42:03

I'm really sorry, that must be a horrible feeling. I'm sure it's transient though. Maybe as she's getting older she realised you're there lots and feels totally secure with that, so is putting the effort into bonding with Dad? No idea if that's something that happens, but it's what occurred to me when reading.

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