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day 8, growth spurt?

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Katekoom Sun 18-Jan-15 06:46:00

I've been finding breastfeeding really tough but for the last 3 days our girl has slept for 4 hours straight at night (hooray). Last night however and still now she's hardly slept, dozed at most, and fed constantly! She's also fussing at my breast when she's usually good at latching. Does this sound like a growth spurt? When will it end? In absolutely exhausted

Lagoonablue Sun 18-Jan-15 06:57:37

Yes it does. All you can do is keep feeding. It gets easier! I know it's exhausting. No one tells you how exhausting bf can be at first.

Just rest with your baby. Park yourself on the sofa with drinks and snacks and feed, feed,feed!

proseccoplease Sun 18-Jan-15 07:09:35

Congratulations on your DD & well done on getting to day 8 BF. It's extremely hard work and can be emotionally & physically draining. In my experience I found babies will go through many growth spurts and feeding patterns will change on what seems a constant basis for the first 6 or so weeks. If found that some days there will be a fussy period followed by sleeping lots the next and so on. Also if baby is feeling under the weather or needs comforting they will want more feeding - it's called nursing for a reason! It can be unsettling for the mum especially whilst establishing supply & demand. I can recommend The Le Leche League's book 'Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' it got me through my now 2.6 DD and I've gone back to it for my 5 week old DS.x

proseccoplease Sun 18-Jan-15 07:18:23

(Oh yes, what lagoon said also. I've spent several days over the last few weeks camped out in bed just feeding, feeding, feeding! Childcare permitting for DD). Trashy daytime TV, Internet, dark chocolate and books help. I can't think of a better excuse! Also, drink lots of water & make sure you're getting lots of fruit & veg/take supplements.)

Pastmyduedate0208 Sun 18-Jan-15 09:53:48

Hi kate.
Does sound like the first of many more to come ;-)
I'm sure mine had a growth spurt once a week for the first six weeks. He go mental because I would run out of milk. All you can do is keep them at the boob until they fall asleep.
Congrats! It gets far easier. Mine is 8weeks now and feeds every 3-4 hpurs during the day and goes for 8-9 hours sleeping at night.

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