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Baby really distressed from wind (farts)-any suggestions?

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Slugsandsnails2014 Mon 12-Jan-15 20:53:56

DS is 13 weeks old and fully breastfed on demand, but is becomming increasingley distrssed by wind
I always burp him after a feed and he brings up wind, but it's the other end thats the problem-he just starts screaming and screaming, I can then feel him doing these farts and they absolutely reek! Really stinky egg farts and he is just so upset by them its heartbreaking

It seems the farting is becomming particularly bothersome when he's feeding-its almost as if the feeding suddenley stimulates his digestive system and he starts pulling off the breast, arching his back, kicking his little legs out and just wails and wails farting as he goes

His poo is fine-he goes every couple of days and its very soft, yellow, looks and smells entirely normal
I've tried gripe water, infacol, and cool boiled water but none of those things have worked

Has anyone experienced similar, or has any ideas on how to remedy this? I thought that wind was supposed to get better by 3 months but if anything its getting worse confused

notadoctor Mon 12-Jan-15 21:29:51

Have you tried baby massage? The tummy strokes are great for relieving wind. If there isn't a baby massage class near you then you could look on You tube - there are loads of baby massage tutorials on there. Also gently bicycling babies legs/ rowing thier legs back and forth can help.

If he's really distressed it might be worth speaking to your GP.

Hope it improves - is horrible seeing them suffer when they are so little.

Gavlarrr Mon 12-Jan-15 23:09:55

My DD always had this problem and by 3 months was having a poo about once a week and was farting and in pain all the time. She is now 7 months old and miles better but sometimes still struggles with digestion. Certain vegetables give her a bad tummy and she sometimes gets constipated. But I would say it does get abit better, she poos more often now and isn't such a farty baby! I found starting solids seemed to help her, and lots of cycling and tummy runs! I went to my GP loads of times and they have laxatives but that wasn't the problem! Good luck x

Jemima14 Tue 13-Jan-15 07:43:45

My dd is / was the same. When she was in pain she would shriek for about an hour and I could do nothing but hold her & wait for it to pass - I found dentinox colic drops to help a little bit. I was having a few other issues with her, she was developing eczema & was not pooping - I cut dairy out of my diet & she hardly gets painful gas now. Maybe its something in your diet?

When she was bad I found laying her across my lap & rubbing her back helped her to pass it a bit & also holding her face down in my arms. Its so horrible to see them in pain!

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