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Sudden reflux after vomiting bug?

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Anticyclone Sun 11-Jan-15 21:19:55

Our 4.5 month old had recently got over a D&V bug which was mostly vomiting for about 24h.

He's better now, but we're noticing he seems to be constantly bringing something up and then swallowing it, all throughout the day. When this happens at night it seems to cause him pain and wake him.

Thankfully he never had reflux before this episode of vomiting. But is it likely that the vomiting has caused this? And will it subside? Or will he now be more likely to suffer from reflux permanently? sad

CoolCat2014 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:26:36

I'm no expert, and have no previous experience of this, but I know as an adult sometimes I've still had an unsettled stomach for a couple weeks after a really bad bug - I think it just takes a while for the stomach to calm down, so maybe it's that?

It is also possible to get secondary (tempoary) lactose intolerance after D&V bug, so could be that maybe? Not easy to cut out dairy for that age I know!

Have you phoned a GP or HV to ask their advice?

Anticyclone Mon 12-Jan-15 08:32:48

Thanks, yeah I had recently heard about the temporary lactose intolerance too. Hopefully it all points towards him getting over it in the near future. We'll have a chat with HV the next time we see one. Cheers.

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