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Next employees - kids clothing sizing advice

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omama Sat 10-Jan-15 21:18:43

Sorry if wrong place to put this - didnt know where else to put it.

Can anyone who works at Next please confirm how the sizing of older kids clothes (3-16) works please?

Is an item labelled age 11 meant to fit from age 10 up to age 11 or is it really an 11-12?

I was told in store today that it will fit an 11 year old right up to being 12 i.e. an 11-12.

However I have noticed when buying clothes for my ds that anything labelled as 5 in the older kids range has the same height measurements as those labelled 4-5 in the younger kids range. So on that basis this would make the age 11 tshirt a 10-11.

Hope this makes sense?! Could someone please clarify?

Iggly Sat 10-Jan-15 22:05:22

Just buy what fits. One five year old might be taller or smaller than another?

Isn't there a size guide on their website?

omama Sat 10-Jan-15 22:29:01

Sorry should have explained - its not for my child or I would buy what fits. I was buying a gift for someone else & had to guess sizing - only thing I have to go on is age.

Would still like to know the answer for future reference though!

LuckyLopez Sat 10-Jan-15 22:31:13

Surely you have to guess in all shops. My dc certainly aren't the same size in all shops.

Mrsteddyruxpin Sat 10-Jan-15 22:33:02

I don't know about next but I would go up a size if buying a gift

Madallie Sat 10-Jan-15 22:38:10

Omama, I don't have help on this, I'm sorry but I recognised your username. When I had my challenging, high needs dd 3 years Pago, I really valued you're insightful sleep advise. Just had to come on your thread and say thank you.

dementedpixie Sat 10-Jan-15 22:49:06

age 11 is more like a 10-11 rather than 11-12 if you look at the Next size guides

e.g. a girls size 11 is for height 146cm and a size 12 is for height 152cm whereas a size 11-12 is from 146cm-152cm

dementedpixie Sat 10-Jan-15 22:50:15

although my dd is 11 and I buy age 13-14 as she is tall. I would size up as it is better too be a little big rather than too small

Amethystus Sat 10-Jan-15 22:54:44

I worked in Next childrens dept for three years and honestly was never asked that question, sorry. I always assumed age 11 would be 11-12. However if you do compare sizes, like for ds a jumper like I did recently aged 7 and 8 you will find that they are pretty much the same height held up but are bigger across the chest and arms.

omama Sun 11-Jan-15 07:18:27

Thanks for the replies. I am not looking for advice on which size to buy for the 11 year old in question, obviously I realise all children are different sizes & where possible you buy what fits, but the sizing is there as a guide & I just wanted clarification specifically on how next size their clothes, as to me, it is not particularly clear.

As I say if buying age 5 from the older boys range you might assume this will fit an average 5 year old. The label says it fits height up to 110 cm.

However this is the same height as a 4-5 from the younger boys range, which you would assume fits an average 4 year old since the next size up is a 5-6. Hope I am explaining myself properly. Just seems a bit confused to me!

Maddalie - thankyou for your kind words blush. Remember your threads - hope your dd is doing ok now wink

louisejxxx Sun 11-Jan-15 07:26:39

Age 11 would mean "upto age 11" as far as I know - the key is to look at the height on the label and compare to other clothes shops. I had to take an Xmas gift back this year because I think the buyer thought "aged 4" meant 4-5 (and I completely understand why as well - it's such a confusing way of doing it!) but looking at the height it is clear to see it is 3-4.

I think they definitely need to chance the system.

louisejxxx Sun 11-Jan-15 07:26:55


MissWimpyDimple Sun 11-Jan-15 07:40:13

I think it's more like "age 7 is equal to 6-7).

My DD is pretty much bang on average and I would buy that way. So now, at age 8 I am buying "age 9" clothes as they are roughly equivalent to 8-9 in other stores.

Mayvis Sun 11-Jan-15 07:41:53

I've just bought a lot of older kids age 6. It's the same size as their younger kids 5-6 range. They both go up to the same height - 116cm.

purpleme12 Sun 11-Jan-15 19:25:01

I'm not an employee but everywhere if a size is age 11 then it means up to age 11.

Queazy Sun 11-Jan-15 20:01:58

I always find next comes up big.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Sun 11-Jan-15 20:05:28

Next comes up big for adults but I find for children it's one of the smaller ranges.

I always thought the sizing was up to, so 11 would be up to age 11.

Dd is almost 9 and a 9 (8-9) everywhere esker but an age 10 in next.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Sun 11-Jan-15 20:05:41

Else not esker

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