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What chores do you ask your 5 year old to do?

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EdSheeransGString Sat 10-Jan-15 06:23:13

DD1 is 5.6 and in primary 1. she is challenging at the moment, lots of backchat and moodiness, especially when she is tired.

I ask her to tidy her room, she does it usually after a whine but a few hours later its a tip again.

I do a blitz of the house twice a day, i usually do the kitchen and ask dd to pick all the toys up, put some washing in the basket (stuff that's been left lying around ) and make sure the floor is clear ready to be hoovered and that dd2 (18mo) room (its off the living room )is clear of toys on the floor and ready to hoover.

She whines throughout picking up the toys that she pulled out (with help from dd2 ) and she looks so sad when shes asked to help me.

am i asking too much?

I should add, I tidy up when shes at school, this is in the evening after shes had some rest time and before dinner

twittertotter Sat 10-Jan-15 06:39:10

Dd1 is also 5.6. She will tidy her room , tidy up toys , load washing machine, help put away dishes and tidy up shoes under a hall table.

She's just started to help strip and make her bed.

Like yours op, she can be moody and sulky and will need reminding. But is generally pretty good!

Dd2 who is 2.6 will also try to help. Copying big sister so hope she'll be more compliantgringrin

Chottie Sat 10-Jan-15 06:48:52

I think you need to make housework more fun. My DD used to like to help sort out cleaning washing i.e. matching up socks with lots of chat about whose socks they were and the colours etc. We used to dust and polish together, she liked setting the table and unpacking the shopping. As your DD is still young, can you do jobs together, - suggest she picks up all the lego and you pick up the dolls stuff? Say to her that we need to do x and y and then we can do z, so she has something to look forward too. Put some music on and dance around with her while you tidy up together smile

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