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Advice on dealing with a difficult 5 yr old?

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Wannabemumof4 Fri 09-Jan-15 21:00:42

DD2 is being very difficult at the moment. Impossible to put to bed. Keeps coming out of the room, making excuses, making noise etc. She is also very 'screamy' a lot of the time. When she comes out of school she just starts attacking me straight away for a snack etc. She is a loud child by nature but everything right now is met with a dramatic mini melt down (when she sees what's on her dinner plate, when we say we are turning off the TV etc). She accepts nothing. I think we have a pretty good routine in this house and DD1 (6) and DD3 (3) are calm and easy. I know DD2 has a completely different personality and she is very independent and extrovert but her stubbornness is just impossible right now. The sheer volume of her voice is enough to drive me crazy. I am due DC4 in about 3 weeks but I really don't think that is the issue. She loves babies and is looking forward to it and she is used to having sisters anyway. Maybe I am just less tolerant as I am at the big & heavy stage of the pregnancy. Any advice on how to deal with DD2?

Wannabemumof4 Sat 10-Jan-15 17:24:37


jassS Sun 11-Jan-15 18:04:43

I have had the same kind of troubles with my 5yo boy (fourth child). The only thing unfortunately which started to have effect was strict warnings like "we will not go swimming as planned if you yell at lem or hit me" and then really carrying out the threat. He then cries his little heart out, but it helps for about a week now (originally helped for 1-2 days). I hope we will soon see the end of this kind of behaviour. Unfortunately it really has meant he has missed a lot of really nice Activities in last 2 months. But he started hitting and tantruming even in public places, so I had to say I am. not prepared to go skating for example if it means I might be hit with a skate if he does not like what me /his dad/bros are doing. So he has missed skating/swimming/ endless trips to restaurant/ a birthday party. slowly we see the effect

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