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The Good Parents' Guide

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thegoodparentsguide Thu 08-Jan-15 12:11:44

Please check out the retro, adult picture book 'The Good Parents' Guide'. It has been carefully created by an Early Years Teacher, as a simple but effective way to inform parents and carers about strategies which can be used to increase a child's development. It consists of short and reflective points which will help a busy parent to fully relate to a child's needs and responses, and how to manage certain scenarios which commonly arise. This book shares with the reader, the tricks of the trade, carefully adapted from extensive reading (including child development and behaviourism theories), training and experience both as a parent and within the classroom. They are valuable points that the author wished were shared with her when she began her journey through parenthood.

The book can be purchased both on hard copy and a Kindle version on Amazon. Any reviews will be much appreciated.

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