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7 month old feeding schedule, what's yours?! Advice pls x

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Gavlarrr Thu 08-Jan-15 09:54:35

My 7month old currently has porridge and abit of fruit at around 11, and dinner of Heinz baby cereal mixed with vegetables at around 6. She goes to bed at 8.30
She is breastfed first thing in morning and throughout the day too.
A few people have advices giving her her dinner at lunchtime so she has more time to digest the veg and give her something lighter for dinner, rice pudding for example. But surely she's not old enough for 3 meals a day yet?
Just wanted to know your routines, what your babies eat and when :-)
Had a few peo

Artandco Thu 08-Jan-15 10:05:39

At 7months mine were given x3 meals a day. Alongside breastfeeds about every 3 hrs. But we did more baby led weaning so we didn't spoon feed the majority unless soup/ yogurt etc.

So food just put on a plate, spoon given and left them to choose to eat or not whilst we ate. They ate whatever we had.

So If we had say salmon, green beans and new potatoes, we would give them say one new potato cut in half , 1/4 of end of salmon fillet, 5 ish green beans. They sometimes attempted to use spoon otherwise they just picked up food in hand

Artandco Thu 08-Jan-15 10:07:32

Oh and they slept 9pm-9am at 7months. So meals roughly 9.30am breakfast, 2-3pm lunch, 7-8pm dinner

Pointlessfan Thu 08-Jan-15 10:12:13

We did BLW too so if she was awake when we were eating she had what we had.
You're right that 7 months is early to need 3 meals a day but nothing wrong with offering something which they can eat if they want to.
We give DD porridge in the evening as it keeps her going and she sleeps better! She has it at about 5 then goes to bed about 6.45. When she starts to stay up later we will probably have our meal earlier so we can all eat together.

Missmidden Thu 08-Jan-15 22:04:42

As others have said, I just offer versions of whatever I or DD1 are having 3 times a day (DD2 is 6 mths). I suppose we are sort of BLWing but I do spoon feed some things e.g porridge, soup and help her pick up slippery things like fruit. She doesn't eat much at each sitting but enjoys the experience and gives her plenty of opportunities to practice picking up food, chewing and swallowing. I continue to offer milk on waking, after each nap and before bed but am not consiously timing meals in relation to milk.

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