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4.5 month bringing up milk more than normal

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Anticyclone Wed 07-Jan-15 12:36:00

Our 4.5 month old ebf boy has never really been a sicky baby, but over the last week he's been bringing up a lot more milk than is normal for him.

Mostly it's what I would describe as a medium to large posset, but a couple of times its been quite an avalanche of sick.

He seems well in himself otherwise, and is still happy to feed and play etc, but it's just a lot more than he's ever really brought up before. Since he's been born the most he ever did was a very small posset, and even that was occasional.

Is this some kind of stage I missed hearing about? Is it to do with strengthening stomach muscles require for sitting? It has happened a few times when we've been holding him in a sitting position, but equally happens when he's lying down.

No temperature, nothing else. Is it just yet another change he's going through? confused

Acorncat Wed 07-Jan-15 20:22:04

No idea, but my just turned 4 month old has started doing the same confused

He does have silent reflux so it's not unusual for him to bring a little back up but he used to just swallow it again. Doesn't seem bothered by it either.

Anticyclone Wed 07-Jan-15 20:28:29

Ah forgot about this thread, turns out it's actually proper D&V. Our first experience :-( not looking forward to tonight....

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