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Sibling bullying....

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tostaky Tue 06-Jan-15 21:12:39

I have 3 DCs, 6, 5 and 3. DC1 keeps putting down DC2 and i dont know what to do, it is breaking my heart.
He has always done it one way or another, at first by snatching toys, then pushing him around or taking advantage of DC2 being little to make him do things, ganging up with a friend against DC2 during playdates or in the park, etc... Recently he has started to say things like "you are rubbish" - or "you are bad at football, you cant understand me and my friend" when all DC2 did was to catch up with them in the street. DC2 is quiet, and like to play nicely, plays mostly with girls at school. DC1 is a very active little boy, he is a "lad".
Obviously I am their mother and I love them to bits. We have tried talking to Dc1 (many many many times), We gave him time off as well. But neither strategy seems to work.
Since DC2 has started reception is confidence has rocketed, he is starting to have his own life but it is still difficult for him to make friends especially with boys...

There are no bullying problems at school at all, Dc1 is far too obsessed with football and building things to do that. it is only with Dc2 (not DC3 though?).

Any advice? Ressources ? Books? Help?

Thank you

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