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Your day with an 8-10 week old?

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Sleepyhoglet Tue 06-Jan-15 16:30:22

So I'm beginning to realise that this little person might start to benefit from a routine if sorts in the next few weeks. She's currently 7 weeks old. She goes to bed same time as me and tends to sleep on me hmm. Has a bath alternate days sometimes am sometimes pm and is breast fed so feeds whenever she feels like it! If you have a baby similar age what do you do?

Sleepyhoglet Tue 06-Jan-15 16:32:31

Oh bugger was meant to post in parenting - anyone know how to get moved?

happypotamus Tue 06-Jan-15 17:40:02

To get it moved, I think you report it using the button to the right of your name above the post and ask MNHQ to move it.

Anyway, I have a 10 week old, whose day sounds much like your 7 week old's. Breastfeeds on demand, go to bed when I do, refuses to sleep in moses basket, bathed when I get round to it usually in the morning, fits in with what her older sister wants/needs to do, sleeps a lot.
DD1 has gone back to pre-school today aftr the Christmas break, so baby and I will have to find our own things to do 3 days a week.
With DD1 I think we started to make more of a routine with bedtime etc at 3 months, but other people vary from having a strict routine from day 1 to never really introducing one.

weelamb123 Tue 06-Jan-15 18:27:19

Routines are the best way to get ur baby settled. I'm a bit a of control freak, so I had my dc1 in a routine fairly quickly. Bottle fed every 3-4 hours, bathed at same time every night and put down in Moses basket to sleep at same time every night. He didn't sleep right thru until almost a year but having that routine ay night and ensuring I would have peace after a certain time of night kept me sane. I'm now 12 weeks with dc2 and hopeing to follow the same pattern. Dc1 will be 9 by the time this ones born and he is a good wee sole and goes to bed reasonable well. I think getting into a routine with a toddler would be harder though. Xx

Sleepyhoglet Tue 06-Jan-15 20:13:20

Will prob wait till she's 12 weeks then. I'm too disorganised!

RebeccaCloud9 Tue 06-Jan-15 23:45:25

Dd is 10 weeks and around 2/3 weeks Ago started to settle naturally(ish) into a loose, manageable routine of sorts. Wakes around 7 or 8 when dp gets up for work. After a feed and some cuddles has a nap. Then throughout the day is a mixture of being awake, feeding on demand and napping. We try not to feed her from around 6ish until bath (every other day) and big night feed at around 10. She then usually sleeps until morning in tiny love rocker bed (apart from last night when she woke a few times).

GeorgiexXx Wed 07-Jan-15 12:18:26

DS is 10 weeks. Me and dh were getting so fed up with the lack of sleep and the inconsistencies with how often he would wake up that we implemented a routine last week. DS gets bathed at 6pm, followed by a bottle, then bed at 7pm. From the first night he woke at 10pm for a night feed and then again at 4am. He will then sleep until about 7.30am. It is so much better than it was, and me and dh now get a bit of an evening together and we're finally sharing a bed again (I was sleeping on the sofa due to the amount of time I would be getting up). We're definitely a happier family :-)

moggle Wed 07-Jan-15 13:58:16

I don't really understand how you can have a strict routine when you are bf on demand. My days with 8 wk old DD are starting to fall into a pattern, but nothing I could set a clock by. Sometimes the pattern might be 2 hrs ahead of the day before, sometimes it might stretch over 20 hrs instead of 15. It means I know while feeding her roughly when she'll next need feeding, so I'd know if I had time to say go food shopping while she's sleeping/happy, but I couldn't commit to go to a baby class at 11am and know she'd be awake for it.
We're trying to start a bedtime 'routine' ie sequence of events, but sometimes it starts at 6.30, sometimes 9, just depends.

Sleepyhoglet Wed 07-Jan-15 17:18:27

Rebecca I am so envious that your little one sleeps! Mine only sleeps on me at night argh

Vilette Wed 07-Jan-15 20:51:18

My daughter is 9 weeks and the only routine we've implemented is a rough bedtime about 7.30 to 8. She sleeps on me too, so doesn't sleep too well between 8 and 11 when I come up to bed. However, we still put her upstairs for those hours, and if she wakes we walk/rock her. We realised she was getting overtired/overstimulated in the evenings and the bedtime helps that.

Sleepyhoglet Wed 07-Jan-15 21:04:05

I really hope having the tongue tie snipped improves things

soundsystem Wed 07-Jan-15 21:34:25

My dd is 9 weeks and our day usually goes like this: get up around 8am, change nappy, have breakfast bottle, have a bit of a play, nap around 9.30/10am for approx half an hour, wake up wash and dress, another feed around 11am. Usually go out after that either to a group/class/activity or just for a walk or to the shops. 2pm-ish time for another feed then a bit of a play and another nap. Maybe pop out again to Tesco or the post office if needed with baby in sling. Another feed around 5pm then a bit of a play/snuggle/dance around the house until 6.30ish, when we start to get ready for bed: bath, massage, jimjams on, feed, snuggle and a story (more for my enjoyment that hers at this stage!), pop her in the Moses basket and she's usually asleep by 7.30pm.

I admit I am a bit of a control freak and implemented the bedtime/morning routine fairly early on, but during the day she sort of fell into it by herself, if she's hungry sooner then she eats sooner, or if she's too tired to play then she has more naps...

RebeccaCloud9 Thu 08-Jan-15 00:52:46

She only slept on me at first. Now, I get her to sleep on me then gently lay her into her bed. Swaddling is a godsend for us. We put her in a peanut zip up swaddle and it keeps her so calm.

Lottiegirl97 Fri 09-Jan-15 16:35:14

Glad to see that Sleepyhoglet has asked the same question that I was going to ask. My dd is 9 weeks old and has long naps during the day - it varies, but roughly it tends to be a short nap in the morning, a couple of hours at lunch time, a couple of hours late afternoon. We try and put her down for the night at around 8pm and I'll feed her around midnight. She then sleeps until about 6am. That seems like a lot of sleep to me. I have interactive times with her after her first feed, again late morning and later again in the afternoon, but they are quite short and she gets fractious quite quickly and I can tell she's sleepy. This means that part of her 'awake' time is spent dozing in our arms. Am I expecting too much from her in terms of length of interaction time? Do your babies have time when they are awake and amusing themselves?

WiggleGinger Fri 09-Jan-15 17:07:11

Agree with muggle.
DS is EBF & although displays a rough pattern of feeding/ sleeping has his own agenda that can vary often.
He's 4months now & we've been outing him to bed for about 6 weeks. That's helped give us some down time once he's asleep.
We just do bath boob bed. It still takes about 1-1.5 hours to get him to be fully asleep.
I wouldn't worry too much on the daytime just yet but would start to think about a bedtime routine.

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