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Is this colic or reflux :-( help!

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Ducky23 Tue 06-Jan-15 11:27:32

Ds has always had c&g since birth with no problems.

Two nights ago he was very hard to settle at night, he usually wakes every 2 hours and has 120 ml of milk, the other night he was waking every 45-60 mins and having 60 ml, he was then crying when put back down and passing lots of wind.

The next day I tried him on infacol which worked but then seemed to make things worse.

He was screaming and screaming after feeds, he brought small amounts up and seemed to keep spitting milk out.

He then started taking only 30 ml every 2 hours.

I rang nhs direct at 4am and they said to book an appt at drs the following morning. I've been to the drs and they checked him over and said it's just colic and there's nothing I can do apart from gripe water (which I gt after infacol didn't work)

Due to the way he is screaming and it also sounds like he is bringing something up then swallowing it I think it might be reflux.

Any ideas? sad And if so do I ask for something from gps?

He seems to calm after a while if I hold him, but after holding him almost constantly since 4am I have just put him in his bouncer, he screamed and screamed for a while and I felt awful but he has just settled a little bit confused

Ducky23 Tue 06-Jan-15 11:29:34

Spoke too soon he's screaming the place down again sad

RachieS1986 Tue 06-Jan-15 20:59:57

Hi my ds had silent reflux and it does sound like that's what it cud b. Is he more settled lying on his tummy. Can u speak to your hv? Hv was the one who pointed me in the right direction id never heard of it before. She told me to tell the dr all the symptoms and that she had advised it may be silent reflux the dr then prescribed infant gaviscon which worked right away. It can be bought over the counter in the chemists as well.

Ducky23 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:01:56

Thanks for replying.

feel like a bit of an idiot but shortly after posting this I saw ds has a massive ulcer under his tongue which is causing a lot of pain and the reason why he isn't feeding well.confused

Have managed to get him some painkillers after battling for a call back with the evil receptionist! smile

RachieS1986 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:46:04

Glad you have got sorted (not glad about the ulcer though). Hope wee pet is well again soon. Nothing more worrying or frustrating than a wee one not eating.

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