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bedtime help needed

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MrsStark1 Mon 05-Jan-15 22:05:47

Ok so ongoing problem and I have had enough. I have two children (8 and 5) who share a room in bunk beds and despite going to bed at a set time they both are up until at 9-10pm sometimes later messing about playing and naughty.

So far I have tried -
Different bedtimes earlier and later at the minute bedtime is 7pm for younger 8pm for older.
Putting one to bed before the other and vice versa and at the same time.
Rewards for going to sleep.
Taking things away if they continue.
If one was to be left in the room before the other came to bed they would still be up regardless.
Ive tried reading before bed, no reading and tried short dvd.
Tried hot milky drinks, baths, sleepy sprays etc

So far nothing has worked. Can anyone advise me on how I can get them to sleep at bedtime?
At the minute routine is dinner followed by calm down time then bath followed by story for younger and bed whilst older reads then bed an hour later. As of this week I am going to be working for an hour at bedtime so will do everything before i leave. Also so I don't drip feed youngest may have reasons why she does not switch off (additional needs) which will be dealt with along the way and have a few ideas when I can afford them.

workingtitle Tue 06-Jan-15 06:50:59

Not ideal but you could put younger one to bed in your bed and carry them through into their own when you go to bed? This is what my parents did with me but at 5 he/she might be getting a bit heavy for that.

MrsStark1 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:34:32

Hi thanks for replying.

I had tried that and shes still up to late talking as she cannot switch off sad and my son still is awake for an hour or so after bedtime he just doesnt get into sleepy mode.

workingtitle Tue 06-Jan-15 13:52:34

Sorry MrsStark, that's tough. I hope someone comes along with suggestions. If it's financially achievable friends have had excellent help from the millpond sleep clinic. Phone email consultations I think, a couple of hundred pounds.

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