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Going for promotion when on maternity leave?

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SASASI Mon 05-Jan-15 18:36:40

I have always planned to go back to work part time when the year maternity leave is up a - this has casually been discussed & job share seems to be possible.

An internal promotion on a part time basis came up & I've been selected for assessment &'s a large organisation so internal still means quite a few candidates.

Ive still 8 months of the years maternity leave left. Do I broach this at interview? If they ask what do I say?
I assume they can't offer me the job on the condition that I return to work earlier than planned?

Mummyk1982 Mon 05-Jan-15 20:46:46

I don't think they can withhold a job from you if you're the most suitable candidate, BUT they could "decide" that another candidate is better qualified/ performed better at interview etc etc. I too went for a promotion, got it and am returning to work 5 weeks earlier than planned at their request. I agreed, but more because it's only for two days a week as opposed to 5 days a week that I was working....seemed a reasonable compromise to me and I didn't want to miss the opportunity ( I case suddenly there was a better candidate!)

SASASI Mon 05-Jan-15 21:40:54

That's exactly what I'm thinking - to the point of I don't know if I can even be bothered to go to interview although the experience will be good, especially as I suck at interviews. It's an hr drive, first thing & with a ebf 4.5 month old it's going to be hard going!

I've had to re-arrange a hospital app for it which Is why I'm dethering - I only changed app last thing this evening so I could always get it back in the morning.
My parents are of the opinion I should have asked for a later interview but then I would have had to cancel my dental hygienist app when I already had to cancel my previous one for another hospital least this will change the sync of these 2 colliding clinics again I guess!!

Nothing is simple. I don't even have anything smart enough for an interview that fits my post birth belly. Joy!

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