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1yr old demanding to feed himself but eating bugger all.

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Woobeedoo Fri 02-Jan-15 21:54:58

My DS was always a picky eater being a fan of the violent headshake and the 'talk to the hand' gesture when anything other than mushed to a slop food was offered. When he hit 11months he started to be better, foods with lumps could be eaten and not fished out of the mouth and he would happily be spoon fed.

Then just before 12months he went through a week long phase where he would only be spoon fed if he was given a spoon which he would occasionally jab into the bowl of whatever.

We've just had a full week of his utter refusal to be fed by either myself or his father. We get the full on screaming fits if we try so we have to give him food which he plays with but refuses to eat. He would refuse all finger foods but has finally started to accept fish fingers (yes, hardly the best I know), prawns and soup which I put in a sippy cup. He refuses all soft cooked chopped veg and the only fruit accepted is banana, blueberries and apple (veg is picked up, examined and thrown). Each day I try to give him one new taste to try in the hope that he'll love it, wolf it and demand more but no joy.

I am slowly losing my mind. Before we broke for Christmas he'd eat everything at Nursery with no complaint (they spoonfeed and offer chopped veg) so now I'm worried he won't eat there either. My DH says he'll eat when hungry but he has quite the stubborn determined streak and I can see he has actually lost a little weight already. He is fine with his milk but I'm so concerned.

Has anyone else's baby gone through this and if so, was it a brief phase (please say its a brief phase) and I just need to take a breath and be calm.

Woobeedoo Fri 02-Jan-15 21:57:08

Sorry this posted twice, on first go it said denied.

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