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Scared of the dark

(2 Posts)
Firsttimemum84 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:29:35

Hi all

Our dc is suddenly scared of the dark, 20 months. Think it was the bloody fireworks that have done it wink wink Anyway looking for some good night light suggestions please?

SalsaP Sun 04-Jan-15 14:00:02

My DS. Is 3 and has also recently become scared of the dark. I got him Russell the dream sheepdog which is a cuddly toy who's tummy lights up when you squeeze his paw. It's quite pricey but seems to have helped - though the problem is still with us to a lesser extent. I liked the idea of him being able to control putting the light on and off at will. Also,we keep his bedroom door open and a light on in the hall so his room isn't exactly dark so I thought a light he could have right next to him would be a comfort when he needed it.

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