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Practical tips needed

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Alibongo33 Fri 02-Jan-15 16:58:56

I have been a SAHM for 3 years. I have dd, 3 in 1 week and ds, 2 in April. My dd starts nursery on monday. Afternoons.
I feel like a fat frump. In this time I have put on alot of weight, I only seem to wear leggings and a T-shirt everyday and scrape my hair back into a ponytail, what's the point in dressing up etc when there seems to be little time and I get covered in snot, play doh, paint, food etc.
I've not got an hobbies anymore, no time or energy. I don't exercise, no time or energy. Never go out because we haven't got any baby sitters. My DM works and lives an hour away and dh is nc with his parents. I would love a job but after childcare expenses it wouldn't pay me and trying to find a job that fits round dh's is difficult.
My dd is always wanting me to play with her and is like my shadow, can't even use the toilet in peace . my Ds was a high needs baby and still is very demanding. Prefers to break up the train track I have set up, throws toys, dismantles book case etc.
I am starting weight watchers tomorrow but I am dreading it. I need to lose weight but I secretly eat rubbish like loads of chocolate away from the kids in the kitchen.

Please help me feel better and give me some tips. I feel like my brain has shrivelled up.

Thank you

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