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South East Asia, pregnant with toddler

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ch1134 Fri 02-Jan-15 10:48:03

I have a fab but active 12 month old, and am considering a holiday in SE Asia with him + DH in August when he'll be around 18mo. All being well, might well be pregnant then too.
Anyone been with a toddler? Where would you go? Will it be ok to travel while prgnant (vaccinations-wise etc?). probably only for 2 weeks.


mimilovell Thu 08-Jan-15 03:09:04

My niece has just been to Thailand and she is 22 months. Not vaccinated. All okay. Key is to keep your child from drinking water there. No swimming/ salads etc... My niece was given a lot of coconut water and bottled water. Basic hygiene was implemented. As for vaccines while pregnant, I would serious stay away from it. Vaccines has an effect on the brain development of the child.

With all these reported problems with vaccines, I wouldnt vaccinate my sick child neither. How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development - Dr Russell Blaylock - Neurosurgeon.

Lets put this in another way, because we have all grown to know vaccine as a lovely word. Now lets say your doctor sad.
Well, your pregnancy is going well. At the moment, and we will inject you with the GUESSED genetically modified flu strain, which comes with ther known and unknown viruses and bacteria. There are also other toxic chemicals in there, and if you look it up, EPA states there are no safe levels. In the 90s there was a public congressional hearing in the USA regarding mercury in the vaccines. After that hearing, they manufacturers agreed to remove or leave trace amounts of this toxic chemical out of childhood vaccines. Here is a clip from the hearing titled thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines not tested since 1929. Oh and here is a video from University of Calgary showing how mercury kills brain neutrons, if you have any nerve or brain problems in future, at least you know what happened. Is it still okay for us to continue and charge you for this service?

Wonkyparsnip Thu 08-Jan-15 04:24:59

This is the nhs advice on vaccines while pregnant.

ch1134 Thu 08-Jan-15 06:55:01

Thank you. No swimming though? That would be hard as it's going to be hot!

Bunbaker Thu 08-Jan-15 07:08:09

I would be more inclined to take notice of the NHS advice than some woo theories on YouTube.

Is there anywhere in SE Asia that you can go to that doesn't require vaccinations/anti malarial medication?

makesomenoise Thu 08-Jan-15 07:12:55

I would and have happily been to Singapore and Hong Kong and parts of Thailand (Phuket, other resort type areas) without any special vaccinations. I think with a bit of common sense you would have a fabulous time away and your little one would be spoilt rotten! The only thing to spoil it would be morning sickness, but I suppose you can't control that!

Monstamio Thu 08-Jan-15 07:39:26

I would try to decide now-ish where you want to go and what vaccinations you will need so you can get them done before you fall pregnant. It will be one less thing to worry about as some vaccinations are not recommended in pregnancy but neither are the diseases they are designed to prevent! I wouldn't just rely on other people saying they didn't vaccinate and were fine either...

I've spent a lot of time in SE Asia and love it over there so suspect you'd have a great time with your toddler. Though if they are fair haired/blue eyed then be prepared for a lot of attention!

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 08-Jan-15 18:15:14

I would try posting on the expat forum to see what people living in the countries you are interested in visiting say about what precautions they take with their small children.

As for not vaccinating your child or yourself if it is recommended and for you, safe during pregnancy. Words fail me.

Would I travel to SE Asia if pregnant and malaria tablets were recommended, but unsafe. No, I would find another part of the globe to holiday in this year and take my kids when they are old enough to understand not to drink their bathwater.

makesomenoise Sat 10-Jan-15 20:40:23

There are countries in south East Asia where no additional vaccines are needed to the basic uk vaccine schedule. It's not all third world over there you know! Without more specific knowledge about which country is being travelled to it's hard to advise further.

ch1134 Sat 10-Jan-15 22:28:35

Thanks, that's helpful. I'll look into countries/vaccines now.

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