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Help needed to get toddler and baby into a routine

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Ellisisland Tue 30-Dec-14 18:24:19

Really hoping someone can help me as I am totally lost!

I have a new born and DS 2.8. DH is due to be working away for the next couple of months so am on my own during the week.

Toddler goes to nursery 3 mornings a week the rest of the time with me.

At the moment we are all over the place. I could blame having a new baby but thanks to a difficult pregnancy it's been bad for a while but I need to get things on track some how and am hoping some lovely person here has the answers grin?!!

So here are the problems :

Food: DS will not feed himself unless it's toast or crackers. Refuses to use a fork or spoon but will use cutlery at nursery
DS will also eat meals at nursery but at home only wants bread, crackers or snack bars. Refuses all meals. Screams and cries if offered a plate of food. Occasionally will take a few mouthfuls but only if distracted and I feed him.

Sleep: during end of pregnancy got into the bad habit of having DS in our bed. He now refuses to go back to his own bed and wants cuddling to sleep every night.
Had always been a light sleeper and now wakes in tears and screaming every time the newborn wakes for a feed in the night. At the moment DH can bhelp with DS but he is going to be away so terrified of how I will have to cope with him on my own. I can see all 3 of us ending up in tears blush

I know what is needed is a good routine but I have no idea of how to implement one with a new born baby around as well. DS has been pretty good about having a new baby around but I don't want him to attribute everything changing to baby arriving but at the same time we cannot continue as we are. It's chaotic and not good for anyone so if anyone has any suggestions on where to begin I would be so grateful !!

Apologies for the essay blushm

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