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Tips to handle toddlers piercing screams

(2 Posts)
SwivelHips Sat 27-Dec-14 07:52:42

DS 2.5 yrs has started the most horrendous high pitched screams, he can talk perfectly well but t times when he's frustrated he screams. He's probably seen me jump 6 foot in the air and it's now becoming more frequent. I've been ignoring it but this isn't working. Maybe it's the excitement of Christmas winewinewinewineTIA for any suggestions

bagelfiend Sat 27-Dec-14 08:34:57

I have this with my 20mo twin charges. They set each other off and think it's hilarious.

I'm not much help but I do think they do it our reaction- it terrifies me but I've tried to stop reacting. I'm sure they'll grow out of it crosses fingers

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