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3 year old in a polite huff with me

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Greenstone Fri 26-Dec-14 08:00:31

...ever since her younger sibling arrived 8 weeks ago.

She's 2.11.
She loves the baby. She's polite enough to me but has made it clear that Daaaaddy (who can do no wrong and who is on fairness brilliant with her) is the only parent she needs now, thank you hmm

I'm breastfeeding and dc2 is very high maintenance all of which is hard on dd1 I know. I've been pouring love and praise on dd1 whenever I can. She seems exhasusted and sulky most of the time and generally disdainful of me. She goes to playgroup in the mornings and I've made it a new year's resolution that we will get outside every single afternoon from January when dh goes back to work. What else can I do to survive this combination of almost-threenager and new baby? All coping tips and strategies welcome...

dorasee Fri 26-Dec-14 08:11:07

How is she sleeping and what time is she in bed? Sounds like a boring question, but she sounds tired more than anything. Also pardon my opinion but don't put pressure on yourself. Take a 2 year old and infant out every afternoon from January??? You madwoman! grin Listen it will all get better. I found really including the older kids in the baby's stuff helps. Yours is a bit young but if she has a dolly she could be mummy DD and I are "mummies" together. Once the baby gets more interactive and smiley, things get so much better. Don't drown in guilt and obligation. Your little 2 year old will really be fine and will survive these growing pains.

dorasee Fri 26-Dec-14 08:21:31

Sorry I am trying to type and cater to a 6 month old at the sane time. My post made no sense. Try getting your little one to help bathe the baby, stroke the little piggy toes. Maybe when holding baby, teach your little 2 year old 'this little piggy' and let her wuggke baby's toes. I always talk in terms of 'your baby brother' making the baby ours not just mine. It's not a perfect path and my daughter who is 4 is just brilliant with the grin I too found myself feeling a bit sad and guilty about putting the needs of my other kids sort of second. But get, babies are demanding and it is all about your infant now. Now at nearly 7 months old, our baby is at an easier stage and I can really spread the love more evenly across all 3 kids. Try a mummy and me date. I do those but I am very lucky...I have my mum here. So I can actually go out alone for a couple of hours with just my daughter. Don't worry, daddy is Mr. Perfectcandonowrong in our house too. I love it though and to be honest, daddy has offered so much stability during the whole 'getting used to this alien invasion' stage of our daughter's life. My eldest is 12 so no issues there at all. Good

Greenstone Fri 26-Dec-14 09:27:05

Thank you dora, very kind posts there flowers yeah I do feel the guilt and obligation thing! Agree it is wonderful having dad there for the stability, I think it sounded a bit like I was whinging about him being perfect when in fact that's exactly what I need from him!

So, sleep is okay ish. ..Tbh she could still do with a nap but that's not a goer anymore. She goes to bed for 7 or half 7.and usually does her 12 hours, occasional wake - ups for loo trips or bad dreams etc. But has always needed loads of sleep. Actually the new thing is wee withholding which is disrupting sleep a bit I think (that's a whole other story...)

Thanks again though, think I needed to hear that this is all normal growing pains stuff.

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