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Bad day

(4 Posts)
milkyman Wed 24-Dec-14 12:56:46

Having a bad day with 2 year old today. He has had two huge tantrums today, demanded snacks constantly (hes had lots to eat so doesnt need them). Everything is a battle.

I work two days a week in a highly stressful, busy role and am given 3 days work to fit into 2. I had a miscarriage 3 mths ago at 6 weeks. I was shocked to be pregnant and feel mc was all my fault. We have the builders in and no kitchen so washing up in the bathroom and live on microwave meals.

This is the first year im not feeling christmassy. I feel flat and on the verge of tears. I am nearly 40 and think thats it for children. I feel so selfish as lots of people are having a harder time than me.

Thinking of leaving my job but not sure i could cope as a sahm.

Sorry for venting.

lljkk Wed 24-Dec-14 13:46:46

Sheesh, that is a load of crap. I'm surprised you aren't nose deep in the Quality Street.

Hang in there. (too early for the wine ).

Inboxer Wed 24-Dec-14 20:32:50

Two year olds can be highly stressful and challenging all the time and each day can feel like just a series of battles. You're certainly not alone there.

Unfortunately lots of mums returning to work often find that they're witshe effectively demoted or offered a part time role which is effectively a full time role squeezed into less hours. You probably do need to look at the work situation if it really is making you feel more unhappy. There might be something else you can do part time that would help give you some balance in your life without making you feel over burdened at the same time.

Having the builders in is also stressful - you're in constant limbo and your house isn't your own. I think that once all that work is out of the way you will start to have the comfort of normality again.

I think the trouble is you've got various sources of stress coming at you from all angles and you're overwhelmed that's all. Just remember that things will get better - your two year old will grow out of this phase, you will sort out work and your house will get finished. Be kind to yourself - we all have stages of our lives where everything gets too much bit it won't always be this way and it's ok to have a cry sometimes and not be able to get into the forced jolity of Christmas. Just be honest with yourself and give yourself a break whenever you can.

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. I think it might help to talk a bit about that if you feel able to as it sounds like you have a few unresolved feelings of guilt that rest up whenever things get tough. The miscarriage wasn't your fault at all I promise but it's important to deal with why you feel it was as those kind of thoughts really can bring you down.

Good for you for being brave enough to say how you feel and once Christmas is out of the way make your happiness a new priority for the new year xx

milkyman Thu 25-Dec-14 08:57:38

thank you both for your kind words and reassurance,

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