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Toilet training timing quandary

(2 Posts)
Patienceisapparentlyavirtue Wed 24-Dec-14 10:27:45

Ds is nearly 20 months and starting to be a lot more toilet aware - he'll tell me when he's about to poo, is very interested in the toilet (although absolutely unexcited about the potty) and knows when he's weeing, though certainly not in advance.

I would love to have him out of nappies during the day, especially with a new baby on the way in late June.

However, we're also going away on a long overseas trip to visit family in late March next year

Do you think we should:

- Try a short burst now and see if he's ready - even if it does mean some bigger heating bills and/or mess!
- Wait another month or 2 - but it might be getting close to the big trip?
- Wait until after the trip - but it might be getting close to the new baby

Any wisdom? My mum is no help as she claims that all of us were practically using the toilet independently by just over a year (ha! My brother still can't aim) and my sisters' girls all did the 3 day toilet training method at 18 months like the very obedient little loves that they are (while my son is also a little love but a lot more... Um... 'Spirited' blush)

BadtzMaru Wed 24-Dec-14 17:05:20

I'd try now and see if it clicks, if he wants to go straight to the toilet without bothering with the potty that's great, it will make things much easier on your trip. If you try andvhe isn't ready you can try again after the trip.

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